We Australians have the best conditions in the world for producing renewable energy from the sun. Yet, for some weird reason we don’t utilise it as much as we should. A lot of research papers suggest that solar energy is Australia’s preferred future energy solution. A rough estimation shows that we can produce 60% of Australia’s energy needs with solar energy alone, which will dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

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The sun has been around for billions of years, and has been the primary energy source for all life on the planet. Thanks to advanced technologies, humans have found a way to harness its power and use it as energy means. With that being said, solar energy is on the verge of pushing oil and coal out of the way, which is something to look forward to, seeing that they are non-renewable and environmentally unfriendly.

Lately, the costs for implementing a solar power system into a home have significantly dropped. Nowadays, solar power is much cheaper than fossil fuels in Australia. As a result, there is a large market of high quality 24 volt solar panels for sale. Not only is investing in 24 volt solar panels for sale incredibly affordable, but you also reduce your electricity bills by a landslide. 24V panels are useful for RV and off-grid applications with 48V or 24V battery banks.

Once you have your solar panels installed, you need to perform little to no maintenance on them. Solar panels are comprised of PV cells which are the only moving part and are made of natural materials known as semiconductors. Therefore, the only maintenance you’ll have to do is clean them once or twice a year with a regular garden hose. Quality solar panels can last up to 35 years when cared for properly, making them a great long-term investment.

A very common misconception is that solar panels can’t produce any power on a cloudy day. That’s simply wrong, as sunlight can still reach the solar panels, and your panels will produce less, but still enough energy to power your entire household. So clouds aren’t an excuse for not having an energy-efficient home. However, there’s no question that more sunlight equals more power which renders countries like Australia ideal for harnessing the benefits of solar energy all year round.

Bottom line is, solar energy has minimal environmental and health impacts when compared to fossil fuels. There is a lot of public interest for harnessing Australia’s solar resource, with more than 90% of people leaning towards this renewable energy resource as the primary energy source.