Owning a ute like the Isuzu can involve a lot of work. We Aussies are so passionate about our 4x4s that we shrug off the extra chores required to keep a 4×4 vehicle in shape. But for most of us, it’s a work of love. The list of systems you need to keep an eye on can be exhaustive. Sometimes, as soon as one issue is dealt with, a new one is on the horizon. And although we often think about repairing and maintaining our utes, only a select few are worried about performance upgrades.

Engine and power are where much of the Isuzu performance upgrades are focused. And no wonder, since the motor is the most important part not just in cars, but in any machine. The downside to this is – tweaking the engine is time-consuming, expensive and no small project by any means. Because of all this, Isuzu 4×4 owners have to find more convenient ways to boost the performance of their prised possessions.

Throttle Controllers

Throttle controllers are one of the most underrated power boost options on the market. Adding an inconspicuous, yet powerful Isuzu throttle controller to your DMAX or MUX will provide you with noticeable benefits, such as improved acceleration speed and a better throttle response.

In simple terms, a throttle control module serves as a shortcut between the pedals and the engine control unit. You see, as great as Isuzu utes are straight out of the factory, they have a built-in hurdle when it comes to using the engine in its full capacity. ‘Throttle lag’, as it’s called, contributes to delaying and suppressing the input your engine gets when you press the acceleration pedal. This contraption is put in place to make sure your gas emissions are kept as low as possible. On the other hand, you might experience issues with starting the car, and not to mention the lack of power when you need to get your 4×4 out of a tight spot on an incline.

isuzu off road
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Installing an Isuzu throttle controller does not add horsepower to your engine. It merely establishes a direct link between your acceleration pedal and the engine control unit. Your throttle module acts like a fly-by-wire and it’s straightforward to install. You just need to unplug the original throttle plug (usually located in the steering column) and put the controller in between.

All reviews about throttle controllers online are positive. Some blokes think there has to be a downside. Are throttle controllers bad for your car? Absolutely not. They just enhance the response of the accelerator pedal, but in no way would they interfere with any automotive line.

installing throttle controller
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Once you install the throttle control module Your Isuzu will be able to reach the maximum capacity of the throttle when your leg is halfway through the pedal. It’s the only thing you’d need to adjust to. And it’s not a downside in particular, because regardless of how much you press the pedal the power coming from the engine is still limited.

Forced Induction

Another quick and significant tweak to the way your engine works. So if you are not ready to delve into the usual 4×4 off-road accessories, this is one of the best performance-oriented upgrades. However, you need to do your due diligence about forced induction systems as there are quite a few of them.

Any engine with an internal combustion chamber works the same – there are small, controlled explosions happening inside the combustion chamber, and the energy they create propels your Isuzu forward. This process requires a stream of air. The air is taken straight from the surrounding environment, passed to the combustion chamber to make fuel processing possible, and then released back via the exhaust system. The issue with ambient air is it holds the same pressure as the environment. And this is not the pressure for the optimal performance of the engine.

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So, if you want to upgrade your naturally aspirated engine and to increase its fuel-burning capability, you need forced induction systems like turbochargers and superchargers. They will take ambient air and compress it in order to increase its density, pressure and temperature. This results in a higher intake of fuel. The amount of air that enters the internal combustion engine is the same, only the quality is changed. By simply changing the pressure in the intake manifold you get better performance.

Turbochargers are air compressors that use exhaust gases to move air. Superchargers use mechanical means to do the same thing. Turbocharging is better when applied to diesel engines. On the other hand, petrol engines are suited for both supercharging and turbocharging.

Once your forced induction system is operational you will experience better traction along inclined routes. And not just that, your engine will perform better.

Exhaust System

Replacing your old exhaust can contribute to a better fuel economy. Experienced drivers are well aware of this. Taking the time and effort to tweak your exhaust system can be very worth it in the long run.

Even if the exhaust on your Isuzu isn’t particularly old and worn down, you still might want to change it. Why change a part that seems to be working just fine? Simply put – because there are better options out there. The exhaust system is one area where manufacturers cut costs to reduce the overall price of their product. Most stock exhausts are made using the crush bending method, which results in restrictions throughout the tubing. This negatively impacts the performance of the system.Fortunately, you can easily find custom-made Isuzu Dmax exhaust systems produced using the mandrel bending technique, which doesn’t restrict the flow of gasses going in and out of the exhaust system.

exhaust system
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Furthermore, look for DMAX and MUX exhaust systems that are made from aluminised steel. While the price might be higher upfront, you will get a durable and lightweight system. Make sure you check how many and which parts of the exhaust systems are included in the kit you choose, as the muffler or some of the pipes are optional and you might have to get them separately.