With summer being just around the corner, you meant to drop a few kilograms this spring, but you never really got around to exercise more and eat less just as you promised yourself you would. Worry not! There’s still a bit of time where you can shed some extra weight quickly by taking advantage of one of the healthiest meal replacements – meal replacement shakes.

A lot of people like to lose weight by being on a balanced, low-fat diet which includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. However, that approach doesn’t work for everyone, and sometimes a liquid weight loss meal replacement shakes are the better solution. Many nutritionists suggest that weight loss meal replacement shakes are just as effective for losing weight, as low-fat diets are.

weight loss meal replacement shakes

The greatest difference between the two methods is their acceptance. Most people are far more open to replacing two meals in favour of shakes, than replacing them with low-fat products, simply because shakes are convenient and arguably tastier. Diet shakes are especially great for kick-starting the weight loss process, as they keep your calories under control very efficiently.

However, not even a diet shake will help you towards your weight loss goal, unless you consume less calories than you burn. It’s best you determine your calorie “allowance” for optimal weight loss. Generally, about 1.200 calories will ensure you lose weight slowly, but less is not always better, and it definitely isn’t always healthier. 1.500 calories a day combined with some exercise, which helps weight control and promotes good health is a far better alternative.

Diet shakes are especially great when you don’t have the motivation or the time to shop and prepare balanced meals. Furthermore, they help when you don’t want to think about what to eat all day as to lose weight. So if you’re constantly missing a meal, like breakfast, for example, then a diet shake is better than nothing, as breakfast is important for long-term weight control.

Lastly, diet shakes can be fun and innovative. There are thousands of recipes online, and you can come up with a few on your own. You can make a new shake every day, so you’ll never get bored of them. You can put almost anything inside them, including fruits, vegetables, seeds, and much more. The key to losing weight is discipline, and resisting the temptations that come with it. Shakes are an easy solution, and a healthy one at that, so why not give them a go?