For many years, matte black has been a popular trend in interior design, clothing, and cosmetics. Compared to regular black, matte black has a different vibe. It’s modern yet timeless. Grungey but stylish. Similar to velvet, it adds a touch of sophistication, quickly taking over the interior design sector.

But as with all fashions in design, you might be wondering if this one is here to stay. Regardless of what various interior design experts say, black is timeless, even when it’s trending; that is a fact! And we think that’s the best way to look at this situation. Matte black is just as adaptable as black, so using it won’t make you feel like you have to stick with a particular design or theme. Here are some easy ways to incorporate matte black in your home.

How Do You Incorporate Black Into My House?

Take Baby Steps

If you’re unsure how well matte black will fit into your space, consider taking baby steps. Start small with a project to see how well it’ll blend in with your house.

One of the best ways to get a sense of the black colour scheme in your particular space is to buy black door handles for different doors throughout your home. How come? Black door handles make a strong statement, can completely change the look of your room, and are the ideal option for any homeowner looking to give their interiors a modern, industrial touch. Here are some benefits of using black door handles over other designs:

black door handles
  • They’ll match any interior. Black is a colour that is frequently used in the fashion industry because it goes well with so many other hues. Black hardware for interiors blends in well with white, untreated wood, stone, marble, or other generally neutral colour schemes. Don’t be afraid to combine black with colourful interiors; it works with all interior styles, regardless of your preference. Door handles in black go well with vibrant hues like blues, pinks, and oranges.
  • They add an effortless elegance. We’re so used to seeing metallic finishes on doors that when we see black, which is much sleeker and significantly different from the norm, we find ourselves pausing to look at it. Black door hardware tends to be very aesthetically pleasing, offering a stylish, unique substitute for traditional metallic finishes. Black door handles are a striking addition that will instantly modernise your interiors. The result will be a striking, elegant design that effortlessly elevates your interior decor and is sure to win you lots of compliments.
  • They’re low maintenance. Some of the surfaces in your home that get touched and used the most are your door handles. Matte black door handles have much less noticeable fingerprints than metallic finishes, allowing for a clean, modern look throughout your home. They’ll maintain their pristine appearance with just a quick wipe with a soft cloth or chamois as required.

When searching to buy black door handles online, look for a store offering products of excellent quality materials and a vast assortment in stock. That way, you’ll ensure purchasing solid and corrosion-resistant handles that are long-lasting.

Highlight Architectural Elements

Black would give that floor-to-ceiling fireplace the backdrop and drama it deserves. Picture a feature wall that rises to a vaulted ceiling. However, if you don’t have anything particularly unique, black can be used as a covert weapon. Some designers suggest painting the wooden window trim and doors a matte black colour. Give the natural highlights you already have a new appearance.

matte black wooden window

Others enjoy painting picture frames black because it makes them resemble wrought-iron frames from an older house or a loft in the city. Black can also serve as the backdrop for a salon-style gallery or a display of travel-related collections, allowing the artwork and objects to take centre stage. You could also use textured wallpaper or grasscloth for this to add more depth.

If you’re afraid to go big in black, try painting the handrail and newel posts in your stairwell first to see if you like them. Bedroom chest drawer hardware, bathroom vanity sets, frames, and dining room decor are other small starting points. These would serve as the commas in your room’s sentence. It’s similar to a toe dip. And if you discover that black just isn’t your style, pick a dark grey to achieve a similarly dramatic effect.

Combine Tones, Textures and Finishes

There are many types of black, including onyx, ebony, jet, and charcoal. There are green-black, brown-black, grey-black, and blue-black. You should mix up the shades and sheens of black in a home for the best effect. Consider a velvet drapery, an ebony-stained table, and an oil-rubbed bronze lamp fixture. Additionally, various textures add depth and give the eye a lot to look at without overstimulating it. Cowhide rugs or woven leather pillows are inviting to the touch.

Make It Sophisticated

Trends look great on a black background. Even painting a wall is simpler to change out. For instance, bold graphic prints, natural fibres, and appliances with a retro aesthetic are all having a moment. If you follow these trends, they will endure longer. Chalkboard paint is available in any colour, but designers prefer them in classic black or charcoal. Chalkboard walls are also still popular. With time, the black trends take on a richer appearance.