The world of weapons comes with many different facets. For many sports shooters and hunters, soldiers and police officers, there is a definite need for the presence of tactical pouches among their standard equipment. After all, concealed carry is impossible without the right equipment to keep your gun in place and ready to go!

The History behind Tactical Pouches

Soldier with attached ammo pouches on him

As their name implies, ammo pouches are must-have gear to store your ammunition with ease and safety thus providing maximum security for you and your surroundings. Since the invention of weapons, ammunition has been stored in pouches in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The invention of the first rifle with a detachable magazine, the Savage 99, led to the idea of magazines in handguns. However, the Gatling gun, which was created in 1861, provides the first actual instance of the magazine.

Having this in mind, the following guidelines aim to explain what an ammo pouch is and how to pick one for yourself!

Types of Ammunition Pouches

The ammo pouches exist in a broad variety of shapes and sizes given the adaptability of firearms and their magazines. Based on design, functionality, and even build quality, we have come up with the classification below.

Single Double or Multiple Pouches

An ammo pouch may have enough room to fit one magazine, a few magazines, or even a whole collection of magazines. Each of these designs is made to fit particular applications related to particular circumstances. A single bag, for instance, is appropriate for everyday carry, a double ammo pouch for active duty law enforcement officers, and numerous ammunition pouches for military personnel.

Concealed or Open Carry Pouches

Some pouches can be worn in the same way as concealed carry holsters. These ammunition pouches are worn inside the waistband and are completely undetectable thanks to their low profile, especially when worn with the appropriate attire.

However, an open carry or exposed ammo pouch may seem more practical in states where open carry of guns is permitted. Active duty personnel also benefit greatly from these exposed pouches since they provide simple and quick access to the magazine. With such pouches, one must additionally take into account purchasing a top-notch retention mechanism.

Open Top or Closed Top Pouches

Some ammunition pouches may have a flap on the top that is used to conceal the bullet’s exposed portion. These flaps can be useful for keeping dirt from getting inside the magazine and for shielding the carrier from bumps and bruising.

On the other hand, a lot of pouches have an open top that enables easy access. It is entirely up to the individual which of these two they prefer.

Materials Consideration

Ammo pouches on a soldier's leg


Leather has been a popular material for holsters and ammunition pouches since the invention of weapons. Leather pouches feel gentle against the surface of the magazine and frequently fit the user comfortably.

These pouches often rely solely on the tension of the material and lack a retaining device. Additionally, they are the most expensive choice and require extensive maintenance over time.


Thermoplastic materials are a popular choice for designing holsters as well as ammunition pouches. The most widely used plastic-based substance for these applications is Kydex, a strong, heat- and water-resistant polymer. These materials have an active locking or screw-based retention mechanism and require zero maintenance. Law enforcement agencies choose Kydex-based pouches because of their robustness and ease of use.


Nylon is perhaps the most common material for creating ammunition pouches these days. Ballistic nylon and Cordura nylon are the two most popular types. Nylon’s popularity is due to its lightweight, adaptable, and breathable construction as well as affordability.

Because of its amazing construction properties, as mentioned above, nylon is the material defence forces prefer for their ammunition pouches. These also include MOLLE compatibility and being worn on chest rigs directly above the plate carrier.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Soldier reaching to his ammo pouch to get ammo

Stable Retention, Easy Access, and Quick Draw Speed

If you’re a professional soldier or tend to be one, before investing in the proper military equipment, accessories and clothing you should first ensure the proper retention of your ammo pouch. Otherwise, if the retention mechanism is not strong enough to keep the magazine in place, it can be easily pulled out or lost.

Whether it’s an ammo pouch or a gun holster, it’s crucial to guarantee simple and rapid access. It’s crucial to keep organised and ready for your intended environment because different circumstances provide different difficulties.

Moreover, when performing tasks like a tactical reload, the user can quickly and easily retrieve the object. For tactical applications, such as those used by the military and law enforcement, a smooth draw, reliable holstering, together with stable retention, are very crucial.

Specific or Universal Fit

An ammo pouch might be made to fit a particular magazine or it might have a universal design that works with any magazine for the appropriate class of guns. If you are always certain of the weapon you will carry, pouches made for specific magazines seem like a terrific idea. For example, a bag made expressly for semi-autos will be different from one made for revolvers.

If that isn’t the case, though, you have a wide range of options available. Your needs will be met by a universal fit magazine pouch with an elastic or adjustable construction.

Compatibility with MOLLE

For those unfamiliar with the abbreviation, MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Military tactical rigs and backpacks use a special type of webbing that allows the user to mount or demount MOLLE-compatible equipment.

Ammunition pouches made of nylon typically have built-in MOLLE compatibility. If your pouch doesn’t provide that, you can pick an adaptor that will work. On the other hand, if you need to transport your things outside for prepping activities like camping, MOLLE-compatible pouches are a better option. If you require an adaptor, the Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper MOLLE connection system is a suitable choice.

Water Retention

Although many individuals may find this aspect to be fairly unimportant, a water-resistant ammo pouch that allows water to drain out is quite useful, especially in marine or rainy regions. It also aids in lightening the tactical equipment’s total weight. Because of this, most military pouches are just a strip of nylon covered in bungee or Cordura cord.