Although here in Australia we’re utterly blessed to enjoy this delightful weather and picturesque nature, a big disadvantage of living on this continent is snakes. These slithering reptiles pose a real concern for Australian families, especially those living in rural areas. So, it goes without saying that every homeowner has considered trying at least one method of keeping snakes away from their home and family. While there are countless of ways to deter snakes, some are generally more effective than others, like for instance the following ones.

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Use Vibrating Solar Snake Repeller

When looking for methods to prevent snakes, you will probably come across snake repellers. Depending on how they keep snakes away, repellers can be either chemical or vibrating. And depending on their power source, they are either battery powered or solar. With that being said, it’s advisable to get a vibrating solar snake repeller. Why? For one, the greatest advantage of a vibrating snake repeller is that it’s 100% safe to use around children, pets, birds and livestock, as opposed to spraying repellers that emit ammonia and other potentially dangerous chemicals. Plus, with vibrating repellers there won’t be any unpleasant smells which you may find uncomfortable. They work by sending a pulsing vibration through the soil which snakes can sense and perceive it as danger, causing them to avoid the area.


And the reason why solar is a better option is rather obvious, right? Considering how you want your repeller to be on at all times and offer 24/7 protection, a solar snake repeller can prove to be more cost-effective. All things considered, these devices are simple to use and can offer roughly 15 meters of protection in all directions, which means you don’t need many of them to cover your entire property. And the fact that snake repellers are portable means that you can take them wherever there’s a high risk of encountering a snake, such as on picnics and camping trips, or a holiday house.

Keep Your Property Neat and Tidy

And finally, a very cheap and effective way to deter snakes is to keep your property tidy. Snakes love to crawl into hide-y spots such as pipes, wood piles, holes in garages, and within tall grass. With that being said, try to keep clutter away from your yard and patch up any holes on your house or garage. Also, ensure your lawn is always low in height and keep your flower beds as away as possible from your house’s exterior. Discard lawn clippings and leaf piles instead of keeping them on your property as these can provide warmth and security for snakes. By having nowhere to hide, snakes will be less likely to visit your property.


Get Rid of Snakes’ Food Supply

If there’s no reason for snakes to come near your property, they will generally avoid it. With that being said, a smart step is to eliminate a snake’s food supply. Or in other words, get rid of rodents and large insects. If you have a problem with rats or insects, try looking into effective traps or repellents. You may also want to clean up your pets’ uneaten food straight away, as food remains can attract rodents and insects.