Nowadays, you’ll hear many people saying that they wear orthopedic shoes to help their foot condition, but what exactly are orthopedic shoes and how do they work? If you are experiencing pain or twinges in your feet and legs when walking, it might be due to the way you are walking. Any anomalies in the complex series of movements that make up walking can lead to pain not only in the feet but also in the knees and the lower back.

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If you are facing this problem, you can turn to an experienced orthopedist to examine your walking pattern in order to identify if there are any problems and to check if the joints and muscle in your feet are functioning normally. They can then prescribe a course of treatment to help resolve your condition which might also include the use of orthopedic walking sandals. These shoes are designed to restore the normal functioning of your feet and relieve stress on the painful areas. Orthopedic walking sandals have a number of beneficial features that separate them from regular footwear, here are some of them.

Inside Features

The insole of orthopedic walking shoes provides adequate support and offers the right amount of cushioning for your arch. Orthopedic walking sandals offer just the right amount of toe space to prevent irritation or calluses over time. The bottom of each person’s feet can greatly vary, which is why there are so many different shapes – to accommodate different needs.

Outside Features

Outer pieces can have a great impact on the quality of the shoe as well. Orthopedic shoes are generally made from breathable fabrics to ensure optimal ventilation in warmer conditions. Their base typically features quality tread to ensure that contact with the ground is stable and balanced.

Adequate Heel

Many orthopedic sandals feature a small heel. Depending on your arch and food condition, a slight lift from the ground can be very beneficial if you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, for instance. Some pairs also feature a stable heel counter, which is a cup that offers structure to the back half of the shoe.

When it comes to finding quality orthopedic walking sandals, it helps to do your homework before you go shopping. While some popular shoe manufacturers may offer pairs with joint-healthy support in addition to their standard designs, they may not be particularly specialized in this style of shoe. With that said, it is smart to look for companies with good customer reviews that solely focus on quality and great design.