You may not think of survival tools as all too important when you’re not in the midst of the wilderness or headed for an outdoor adventure, but things couldn’t be further from the truth. The chances that you might end up going through some kind of accident or emergency are always present if you’re in traffic daily, or you go off the beaten path now and then.

Natural disasters are also instances when even a familiar structure like an office building, or your own house, could become compromised and put your life in danger. With this thought in mind, you’d be glad you have that rescue pocket knife as your “just in case” item for emergencies no matter where you are. And, if you’re not fully convinced you ought to count on this kind of tool as your friend in accidents, perhaps the following benefits would.

It’s Portable

One of the drawbacks you may think of when it comes to tools is their weight and bulkiness. Well, these are not your concerns when you choose a rescue knife with a shroud cutter and all the features that such a handy tool can have. Lightweight, folding, durable and rustproof – anything you could wish for in such a tool that you can seamlessly carry in your jeans or jacket pocket, a pouch, or a bag at any given time.

rescue knife with a shroud cutter

It’s Versatile

Depending on the specifics you’re buying the tool for, you can easily find a knife that’s various tools in one design thanks to the useful features and blades. For instance, a good tool can be used to save a life, cut through clothes, seat belts or parachute shroud lines or break glass. All this with the utmost safety as the blades can be locked securely when not in use.

Some multi-tools even come with other features, such as screwdriver and corkscrew, further proving their usefulness beyond emergencies. The versatility can be related to the type and form of the blade too, given that you’ve got both options of straight and serrated blades. Although both are equally reliable, the straight alternative cuts quicker and cleaner, whereas the serrated is better suited for cutting through solid materials, in the likes of seat belts. Sharpening-wise, the latter tends to be somewhat more demanding due to the serrations.

It’s User-Friendly

The varied features and lockable system aren’t the only impressive aspects of a practical rescue knife made to last – there’s also the user-friendly easy-release thumb-stud design that can be operated with one hand only. Tools like these are especially crucial in rescue situations before the paramedics arrive when you need to get the blade out of the sheath and cut with one hand and treat a wound with the other.

rescue knife

If you think it’s virtually impossible to secure a knife with one hand, rest assured a cutter such as this, that’s lightweight yet rigid at the same time, is also created with a non-slip handle that’s ergonomic too and enables a secure grip regardless whether your hands are wet or sweaty. This helpful feature is especially needed and useful in situations where every second is of utmost importance and you can’t afford to waste any precious time with additional tasks and efforts.

It’s Sturdy

When you’re dealing with an accident, the last thing you want to go through is the realisation the tool isn’t just cut out for it. When investing in a quality shroud cutter, or any other rescue knife, it’s best to choose a sturdy one that can truly stand up to wear and tear. The focus here is on materials like corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades, lighter titanium blades and features, or the less expensive but high-maintenance carbon steel.

Our Two Top Picks of Rescue Knives

It’s more than obvious the ideal multi-purpose or specific shroud cutter rescue tool will be different for different people based on the features they need and find most useful, as well as the price they’re willing to pay for them. This is especially true given the sheer variety of these tools on the market. However, there are some durable, sturdy, and practical designs that most agree with us that they’re worthy of having, as in the example:

Benchmade Triage 916SBK

If you’re looking for a versatile rescue knife, this one is perfect for any (well, almost) unpredicted situation that comes your way. This comes from the fact its design is fitted with a range of functions and features, from the knife and the carbide glass breaker to the safety hook/strap cutter. Sure, it’s not among the cheapest options you can find, but it’s worth it if you want to rely on a quick and easy-to-use tool even single-handedly.

benchmade triage

Along with being suitable for EMTs on land emergencies, it’s also fit for sea rescue missions thanks to the corrosion-resistant N680 blade steel that can take a sharp edge, and the grippy texture of the G10 handle fit for use even with gloves. Moreover, it’s got a blunt tip that’s partially serrated, a pocket clip, an axis lock system, an exposed carbide-tipped glass breaker (which may be a drawback for some people), plus a 440C strap and belt cutter. Keep in mind, though, the blade length may be considered too long for civilian use in some jurisdictions, so it’s best to check with your region’s laws and regulations before buying one.

FOX FX-214

If you’re looking for a rescue knife Australia retailers can provide you with that’s got a shorter blade yet is just as reliable as the Benchmade Triage 916SBK, look no further than the multi-function FOX FKMD FX -214. It’s Italian-made and amazes with its quality as much as the variety of useful features.

fox fx-214

The partially serrated sheepsfoot blade is made from cobalt vanadium stainless steel and has a matte finish, dual thumb studs, pocket clip, integrated glass breaker that retracts, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, fibreglass sheath with MOLLE and TEK lock clips, liner lock system, and glass opener. The handles are orange with rubberised onlays for better grip.