Getting hurt in a remote location is a challenging and dangerous situation. And if you don’t have the necessary medical equipment with you, it can be a living nightmare. A paramedic pouch packed with essential first aid supplies can be the difference between life and death in instances like these.

Why Do You Need a Tactical Paramedical Pouch?

When a life-threatening emergency arises, whether from an active shooter situation, an automobile accident, or an industrial catastrophe, the first person on the scene is most likely to be a civilian. Exsanguination can happen in a matter of minutes, and citizens’ ability to respond promptly to massive bleeding is vital to preserving lives. Even an advanced-trained EMT or paramedic is likely to carry a small paramedic pouch with them or in their vehicle as big medical packs are too bulky to have close to hand.

If you travel, hike, or camp in isolated areas, participate in shooting sports, operate with heavy machinery or are otherwise exposed to the risk of severe injury, having a medical pack on hand can save your life or the life of a loved one. A medical pack that is tailored to your specific risk profile and degree of training is likely the least expensive and most effective insurance policy you can have to protect yourself against senseless and sad loss of life.

What to Carry in a Medical Pouch?

what to wear in a paramedic pouch

Items to stop bleeding, maintain breathing, keep the patient warm, and treat a tension pneumothorax should all be included in the pouch. On peacekeeping missions, you should normally carry an emergency bandage, hemostatic gauze or granules, a nasopharyngeal airway, a chest decompression needle, a vent chest seal, a survival blanket, and powerful medications, such as morphine, in autoinjectors. Many pouches additionally include rubber gloves, a burn treatment, and a second tourniquet.

The Best Paramedic Pouches on the Market

Nowadays, you can find paramedic pouches to purchase in different sizes and with different features to suit specific users. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Multicam CFA Medical Pouch

Designed with a rip-away patch fastened by Velcro and a sturdy tuck buckle for easy one-handed removal this medical pouch work with your tactical med kit close to your casualty rather than on your rig, where it is inconvenient and in the way all the time. It cannot be released until it is required.

The CFA Medic’s dual zippers allow the bag to open virtually flat once released, exposing multiple inside elastic loops and sleeves carrying adequate basic medical supplies that might mean the difference between life and death. Attachment requires three MOLLE columns.

Multicam TBAS Medical Pouch

The TBAS Medical Pouch is built to military requirements and is somewhat smaller than the CFA Medical Pouch. It works with your tactical med kit close to your casualty rather than on your rig, where it is inconvenient and in the way all the time.

This pouch also contains twin zippers that allow it to unfold practically flat once released, exposing the items inside.

Multicam IFAK Medical Pouch

This is an improved and more simplified version of the CFA Medic Pouch which though smaller, retains the same capabilities as the CFA and even adds some additions.

The IFAK also includes a small externally accessible velcro closed glove compartment for separate storage of PPE gloves, which are required when dealing with patient and casualty body fluids and open injuries. This little pouch will keep numerous gloves secure and separate.

The flexibility to tear the pouch off the platform and operate with your tactical med kit close to your victim instead of on your rig where it is uncomfortable and continually in the way is one of the key benefits of this trusted combat-proven design. Another great thing about this pouch is its big tooth zip that allows the pouch to expand entirely flat when released, exposing the inside elastic loops and sleeves carrying adequate basic medical supplies. Internal loops can be used to store trauma bandages, field dressings, auto-injectors, tourniquets, and other items.

Because it is secured by both Velcro and a sturdy tuck clasp for quick one-handed release, the rip-away pouch will not break free until needed. This is essential for every front-line soldier.

Coyote CPP Grab Bag

CPP grab bags

Designed with the assistance of CPP teams working in difficult settings, this pack is primarily intended for use in vehicle operations, either as a footwell or an over-the-headrest gear organiser. The bag is versatile enough to be used as a kit bag, magazine/ammo bag, medic kit, or covert-carry rig. Features include:

• Two spacious velcro loop-lined main compartments;
• A top flap that folds back and changes to a headrest connection point;
• A rear main compartment that folds flat for quick access to equipment and pouches;
• Rear slot pocket for small goods and a document pocket on the main flap;
• MOLLE on the sides and top flap for attaching extra items or pouches.

This pack also comes with 6 detachable, velcro-backed compartments for organizing your gear. Swap out pouches as needed for the mission. Velcro pouches and accessories are also available including 2 large zippered top pouches, 3 little zippered top pouches and 1 large, zipped slot pouch.