If you’re looking to add some extra horsepower and torque to your Holden Statesman and restore it to its former glory, the best way to accomplish that is by investing in an aftermarket exhaust system. An aftermarket Holden Statesman exhaust system is one of the most affordable, yet efficient ways to improve mileage and power. Although replacing your exhaust system might sound intimidating, it really isn’t.


You can easily fit an aftermarket performance Holden Statesman exhaust without performing a lot of modifications to your vehicle by getting a system that’s made for your specific model, year and make of Statesman. The reason why aftermarket exhaust systems are one of the most sought-after performance enhancing parts (not just for the Statesman but every vehicle out there) is that most vehicle manufacturers are looking to cut costs on production left and right to make their products more affordable. As a result, they use cheaper materials and manufacturing techniques that cause performance restrictions.

On the other hand, aftermarket exhaust manufacturers don’t cheap out on materials, and they use high-quality aluminized and stainless steel, whereas most stock exhausts are made using mild steel. Both aluminized and stainless steel are far more durable, they are resistant to corrosion and perform extremely well when under extreme heat. Additionally, aftermarket exhaust systems are manufactured using mandrel bending technology, which basically ensures your gasses pass quicker through the turns of exhaust pipes.

Furthermore, aftermarket exhaust systems feature larger diameter pipes, which allow for more gas flow in and out of the engine. Having colder, clean oxygen reaching your combustion chamber will result in a better fuel/air burning ratio, which will ultimately result in more power and a better fuel economy. At the same time, the exhaust gases that are produced from the combustion process will leave your exhaust system quicker as well.

Besides performance and fuel economy, an aftermarket exhaust system can also enhance your vehicle’s looks and sound. Aftermarket mufflers can be tuned to produce a deep, aggressive sound or a high pitch sound. There are videos of different exhaust mufflers on YouTube where you can check how they sound and pick the one that appeals to you best. Further, exhaust tips come in a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to choose the best look for your exhaust to complement your vehicle. Some of the most popular materials that exhaust tips are made from are stainless steel and chrome.