Led Lenser K3

Sometimes our only ally for facing the darkness could be a small, mini-pocket torch, but this doesn’t mean we don’t want to combat it with style and power, it just means that we need practical, yet high-quality device. So I were to tell you that such a product actually exists, would you believe me? We’ve always associated size with power, but lately manufacturers are proving us wrong.

Anyone who is familiar with the Led Lenser flashlights knows how amazing they are, and that’s even an understatement. As a leading international brand of hand-held torches and headlamps, Led Lenser have brought some of the greatest and most powerful mini torches on the market. Their Advanced Focus System patent combined with the Smart Light Technology they apply in their products, provides some serious class-leading products that are durable, strong and most of all, powerful. Such product is the advanced mini pocket torch, the Led Lenser K3 that with its own integral light is ideal for home use, for camping or any kind of automotive or emergency use.

With a length of 71mm and weighing only 29 grams, this is the smallest focusable torch available by this brand, but its powerful features make it one of the greatest sources of portable light as well, because once you press the switch you’ll experience a real shining miracle. The Led Lenser K3 has a bigger head for a wider range and features the Blue Moon Focus System. This system includes a lens that acts almost like a micro-prism whose structure helps the lenses to separate the parts of the blue spectrum from the parts of the white spectrum.

This German engineered torch is designed to provide suitable light both for near or more distant illumination, therefore the Led Lenser K3 reaches up to an impressive range of 33 meters with power of 15 lumens even though the torch is less than 7 centimeters long. Designed to be durable and energy-sufficient, the K3 offers way more benefits and features that include: a burn time of up to 2 hours, water-resistance, an effective range of 0-33m, included batteries and more.

One of the coolest things about this torch is that you can use it as a key attachment and take it with you wherever you go, because you never know when darkness might strike. Being constantly dedicated to innovation as to provide high-quality lighting instruments, Led Lenser is the brand of choice for all professional tradesmen and amateurs, for the emergency service personnel or for every serious outdoor enthusiast out there.