I feel like not a lot of people understand what’s happening beneath their vehicle, specifically – the exhaust system. Especially in Australia, where the climate is rough and can take a great toll on the longevity of your vehicle. In this article, I’ll be discussing the basics of the exhaust systems and which exhaust systems Australia climate experts say are the best for our climate.

Typical exhaust systems are comprised of a combination of metal pipes which serve for carrying out the toxic gases released by the combustion process in the engine. An efficient exhaust system is necessary for a safe and reliable drive. A lot of people prefer modified exhaust systems Australia wide, as they facilitate a smoother flow of gases, better sound and an improved visual appearance. Moreover, by upgrading your exhaust, you enhance the efficiency of your engine.

Custom Exhaust System

The engine draws power by burning gases, a process also known as combustion. As a result of the combustion, harmful exhaust gases are released. In order to prevent as much harmful gases from being released to the atmosphere as possible, the exhaust system has a special part called the catalytic converter which “cleanses” them.

Besides the catalytic converter, some other essential components of the exhaust systems are the muffler, tailpipe, and various other pipes. Its clever design makes all of these parts work together and perform otherwise contradictory tasks. If the exhaust gases aren’t released appropriately, they can enter the passenger section of the vehicle.

Once the gases are released, they first reach the pipes, and since the engine is usually made of multiple cylinders, various pipes are installed to collect the gases from each cylinder and gather them together before entering the single pipe that releases them to the atmosphere. The gases are continuously pushed to the rear part of the vehicle by other gases which are constantly released from the engine.

The materials the exhaust system is manufactured from play a huge role in the performance of the exhaust system. For Australia’s dry climate, aluminium and stainless steel are both excellent options, as they’re prone to corrosion and can withstand the harsh Australian climate. Aluminium is the less expensive option, but stainless steel has better corrosion resistance features.

Most stock exhaust systems are made with affordability in mind, so they might not posses the needed characteristics and might not fulfill your expectations. There are plenty of affordable aftermarket exhaust systems which can significantly improve the flow of gases that goes in and out of your engine, as well as the sound that comes out of your engine.