Anyone still mixing concrete using nothing but shovels? Probably no, because the hand mixing of concrete requires a lot of physical strength and energy. Luckily, today there are mixers that do all the mixing of concrete ingredients and produce concrete without the need of human effort. These mixers usually come mounted on trucks, for increased flexibility.

Concrete Trucks

Quick, flexible and efficient, concrete truck mixers are able not only to blend concrete, but they can also transport large amounts of concrete from one location to another. There are many different types of concrete truck for sale on the market and each one comes with specific features and capabilities to complete various tasks. Here are few common types of concrete truck mixers.

Concrete Pump Truck – Concrete pump truck mixers are the most cost-efficient mixers and they bring some great financial advantages. These truck mixers are able to accurately pour concrete from great distances, thanks to their long pump systems. Concrete pump trucks also provide labor savings up to 50% because they require less workers for basic operations. This means you can use your labor resources more wisely and get more jobs in a day. These concrete mixers pour out the concrete more accurately and more efficiently, while the unloading times are reduced, regardless of the job site condition and weather. Flexible and cost-effective, especially for large-capacity concrete applications, a pump concrete truck for sale will increase your production significantly and provide you greater profits.

Volumetric Concrete Truck – Compared to traditional concrete truck mixers, the volumetric concrete truck is quite unique in all terms. Basically, it is the combination of a mobile truck mixer and a batching plant, with the advantages of both combined. This concrete truck stores all raw materials in separate compartments, measures them and then mixes them into fresh concrete, when and where it is needed. This reduces the waste of materials, or in other words, saves you money. With buying a volumetric concrete truck for sale, you will only pay for what you are using. The raw materials can be kept in the volumetric concrete truck as long as you want.

Rough Terrain Concrete Truck – Rough terrain concrete truck mixers are 4×4 wheel-drive trucks, equipped with a front operator’s cab. These self-loading concrete trucks are able to climb over the most difficult terrains, whether empty or fully loaded with concrete. The rough terrain concrete trucks can load, mix, produce, transport and discharge large amounts of concrete per day. This concrete truck for sale is widely preferred option, because it is suitable for all types of job sites.