A good hypnosis Melbourne therapist will help you make some drastic changes like quit smoking, lose weight, free yourself from physical pain, deal with anxiety and repress memories as well.


Want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Or simply get rid of all the bad habits? Then you should try one of the latest trends in the world of medicine – hypnosis. This effective medical treatment that completely changes your mind is not new, but was not taken seriously until recent years. Psychotherapists use hypnosis to achieve changes in behavior and improve your health both physically and mentally. If you want to make positive changes in your life, tried different things, yet all failed, rely on the hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of consciousness that provides access to patient’s subconscious mind. A good hypnosis Melbourne therapist uses this type of technique in order to access patient’s unconscious mind where addictions, fears, physical pain and memories lie. During the therapy, patient reveals what ‘lies beneath’ and is highly attentive on the matter, putting other thoughts aside. If you want to experience positive changes find a reliable hypnosis Melbourne therapist that knows exactly how to deal with your specific issue.

Although many believe that you sleep during hypnosis, this thinking is wrong. It’s the opposite. Hypnosis involves extreme relaxation, intense concentration and high suggestibility. This type of condition is compared to daydreaming. Patients are fully conscious, but unaware of the things around them. Therapists use patient’s absolute focus to uncover hidden memories and stop phobias and fears.

Cravings for smoking and fatty foods come from the subconscious habits you have. But there is no habit greater than the mind that created it. This is where clinical hypnotherapy comes in. You will notice a difference after the first session. Therapists usually schedule 2 sessions and give a set of CD’s to listen between the sessions. For best results, therapists recommend listening to these CD’s, since individual sessions might be stressful and can cause people to fail or quit.

But with the right hypnosis Melbourne therapist you will get back on the track. We all know that the unconscious mind is the power center of the body. Every thought produced from your conscious mind is automatically received from your unconscious mind that has no ability to reject. Your unconscious mind is same like a computer that has been programmed with different experiences, relationships, influences. Hypnosis on the other hand access the computer and reprograms all the bad habits that bother you.