The forklifts have become an essential equipment of every manufacturing facility and warehouse. The reason why these machines are so important is quite simple – they are versatile, comprehensive and irreplaceable compact vehicles that have the power to increase the warehouse productivity significantly. Thanks to their reliability, all complex tasks like lifting, lowering and stacking heavy loads can be easily performed and completed successfully.

The forklifts come in many models, shapes and sizes. Each model comes with specific design and different specialties. Thus, we have telescopic forklift, reach truck, pallet truck and all-terrain forklift models. Each forklift is designed for completing a particular application in the warehouse or production facility.


One of the most commonly used forklifts is the reach truck. A reach truck is a specific model that is capable to perform various tasks around the warehouse, even in tight and narrow places. The ability of the reach truck to move and perform in tight places comes from its narrow frame. Almost all reach trucks that can be found on the market are designed with narrow frame for smooth operation and less maintenance.

There are two types (models) of reach trucks on the market: Moving Mast Reach Trucks and Pantograph Reach Trucks.

  • The moving mast reach trucks come with a hydraulic system, which allows the moving mast to roll forward. Thus, the moving mast reach trucks are ideal for retrieving pallets and putting them away in narrow-aisle warehouses. These forklifts offer greater flexibility than the pantograph forklifts. With small-diameter wheels, the moving mast reach trucks are perfect for operating in narrow-aisle warehouses and docks.
  • The pantograph reach trucks have a scissor-like mechanism that gives them an exceptional reach capacity. They have small wheels with a higher bottom bar, ideal for moving loads quickly and with less effort.

The first reach truck was designed by Raymond Corp. and it was introduced on the market in 1954. Since then, the reach trucks have been used extensively for increasing the storage density. Today, the modern reach trucks come with construction made of two outer legs. They distribute the load weight and there is a wheel configuration for each leg. The driver is sitting sideways while operating with the reach truck. One of the biggest pros of the reach truck is its a high-quality and compact design that provides superior comfort and superior visibility. Thanks to their compact design, operators can maneuver the reach truck precisely and easily.