Astrology is a science that deals with the study of the influence of planets on man. People often wonder, how can planets and starts affect us? There’s no answer to that question, but one thing is for sure – astrology gives practical results and forecasts.

Horoscope Signs

Division of astrology:

Natal – Natal astrology is the system of astrology that deals with the study of man based on his natal chart. A natal chart is constructed by determining the exact time, date and location of one’s birth.

Mundane – Mundane astrology is also known as political astrology. This is the most ancient branch of astrology and is the application of astrology to world affairs and world events.

Horary – Horary astrology is a method by which the astrologer attempts to answer as particular question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time and place at which the question was asked.

The Earth is surrounded by twelve large constellations, which were given the names of animals. The zodiac is the term used to describe this circle of twelve 30° divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon the ecliptic. So, there are twelve zodiac signs in astrology, but each one of us is unique and has its own individual way of perceiving the world and of reacting in particular situations. And yet, there are also some recognizable and predictable traits that are common for people born under the same zodiac sign.


  • Motto: I am
  • Ideal occupations: A politician, engineer, lawyer, comedian, soldier, chemist, astronomer, surgeon, barber
  • Likes: Acton, challenges, spontaneity, sport, physical activity
  • Dislikes: Waiting around, admitting failure, tyranny, other people’s advice
  • Positive characteristics: Courageous, dynamic, beautiful, energetic
  • Negative characteristics: Arrogant, thoughtless, impulsive, headstrong


  • Motto: I have
  • Ideal occupations: Artist, fashion designer, baker, trader, economist, painter, musician, sculptor, scientist
  • Likes: Stability, comfort, pleasure, luxury
  • Dislikes: Disruption, being pushed too hard, being rushed, being indoors
  • Positive characteristics: Patient, persistent, stable, trustworthy, love his home and family
  • Negative characteristics: Possessive, resentful, self-righteous, short-tempered


  • Motto: I think
  • Ideal occupations: Lawyer, economist, mathematician, writer, scientist, basketball player, artist, teacher, salesman
  • Likes: Talking, reading, variety in life, multiple projects all going at once
  • Dislikes: Learning, routine, being alone, feeling tied down
  • Positive characteristics: Lively, curious, intelligent, communicative, sociable, resourceful
  • Negative characteristics: Ungrateful, changeable, superficial


  • Motto: I feel
  • Ideal occupations: Photographer, actor, historian, writer, painter, economist, teacher, psychotherapist
  • Likes: Romance, children, home, parties, hobbies
  • Dislikes: Failure, opposition, being told what to do, advice
  • Positive characteristics: Loyal, imaginative, gentle, caring, emotional
  • Negative characteristics: Stingy, snobbish, suspicious, moody, over-sensitive


  • Motto: I will
  • Ideal occupations: Organizer, boss, politician, artist, actor, banker
  • Likes: Grandeur, lavish living, drama, children, compliments
  • Dislikes: Day to day living, small minded people, penny pinching
  • Positive characteristics: Generous, noble, loyal, protective, friendly
  • Negative characteristics: Arrogant, proud, aggressive, violent


  • Motto: I analyze
  • Ideal occupations: Pharmacist, trader, writer, linguist, pianist, painter, actor, athlete, lawyer
  • Likes: Hygiene, healthy food, order
  • Dislikes: Being uncertain, hazards to health, anything sordid
  • Positive characteristics: Meticulous, organized, intelligent, well-educated
  • Negative characteristics:Fussy, over critical and judgmental


  • Motto: I balance
  • Ideal occupations: Lawyer, judge, actor, singer, politician, painter, pianist, diplomat, architect, educator, teacher
  • Likes: Fine things in life, sharing, gentleness, balance, peace
  • Dislikes: Injustice, violence, being a slave to fashion
  • Positive characteristics: Thoughtful, well-balanced, gentle, tactful, charming, diplomatic
  • Negative characteristics: Indecisive, detached, unreliable


  • Motto: I lust
  • Ideal occupations: Funders, psychiatrists, detectives, lawyers, spies, occultists, traders
  • Likes: Truth, hidden causes, work that is meaningful
  • Dislikes: Demeaning jobs, shallow relationships, flattery
  • Positive characteristics: Dynamic, persistent, focused, passionate, sensual
  • Negative characteristics: Jealous, vengeful


  • Motto: I see
  • Ideal occupations: Journalist, ambassador, lawyer, philosopher, judge, doctor
  • Likes: Freedom, traveling, getting to the heart of the matter
  • Dislikes: Being tied down, bothered with details
  • Positive characteristics: Witty, enthusiastic, energetic
  • Negative characteristics: Lack of courage and determination


  • Motto: I use
  • Ideal occupations: Officer, manager, artist, composer, painter, accountant
  • Likes: Professionalism, firm foundations, reliability
  • Dislikes: Ridicule, go-nowhere jobs, ignominy
  • Positive characteristics: Thoughtful, ambitious, persistent, methodical, rational
  • Negative characteristics: Insecure, materialist, selfish, shy, self-centered


  • Motto: I know
  • Ideal occupations: Photographer, engineer, film director, actor, dancer, inventor, researcher, physicist, journalist
  • Likes: Dreaming and planning for the future, good company, having fun, fighting for causes
  • Dislikes: Loneliness, limitations, ordinary things
  • Positive characteristics: Strong, honest, unique, charming, idealistic, witty, humane
  • Negative characteristics: Selfish, eccentric


  • Motto: I believe
  • Ideal occupations: Artist, painter, actor, doctor
  • Likes: Mystery, solitude to dream in
  • Dislikes: Being criticized, pedantry, know-it-alls
  • Positive characteristics: Romantic, mysterious, gentle, emotional, imaginative, intuitive, sympathetic
  • Negative characteristics: Hypersensitive, hypocrite