The Heaven Is For Real book is a life-changing piece of literature that portrays the astonishing story of a little child’s journey to Heaven and back. It is an amazingly written glimpse into Heaven that will encourage those who doubt the existence of God and excite those who believe in Him.

Heaven Is For Real tells the story of Colton Burpo, a four year old child who during an emergency surgery slips from consciousness and goes to Heaven. Although the chances of saving Colton’s life were less than minimal, the boy still manages to miraculously survive, leaving everyone speechless. But it is what follows that will have everyone’s jaw drop.


What the family does not expect is the story that Colton tells them in the months that follow. Little Colton confesses to his parents that he left his body during the surgery. Of course, the parents are in shock and do not believe the word but he proves hid story is true by reminding them of what they were doing at different areas of the hospital while he was in the surgery. They are wonder-struck.

Colton explains his visit to Heaven where he met family members whom he had never met before and speaks of events which took place long before he was born. His parents are astonished when Colton describes Heaven in detail and they realize that his description corresponds to the descriptions in the Bible, even though he does not know how to read yet. He describes the angels that sang to him, glorifies God and His greatness, claiming how much He loves us.

Todd Burpo was a pastor at a church in a small town in Nebraska but he becomes skeptical of God’s actions and he slowly starts loosing faith in Him once his son is laid up on the operating table.

The events in the Heaven Is For Real book are retold by Tod, using his son’s unique and simple expressions.

The Heaven Is For Real book challenges the skeptics and non-believers in God. After reading this amazing book, Colton’s story will give you a new perspective on life, encourage you to seek God’s face in a way you never thought possible. This inspiring book offers a glimpse of the whole new world that awaits us after death where as little Colton says, “Nobody is old and wears glasses”. It will change the way you think of eternity and afterlife, giving you the chance to believe again like an innocent child.