I think that everyone has at one point or another wanted to open their own bar. Me and my friends used a good chunk of the time we spent in our local bars debating over what we would do to make them better. But as I grew older, while my friends interests in the venture faded as the drunken machinations that they were, mine got the better of me and I did quite a bit of research and asked a few people what it took to open your own bar. This is what I found out.

The first thing that any bar owner should get is a single glass door upright fridge. But why a single glass door upright fridge specifically? Well I’ll tell you. The single glass door upright fridge not only keeps all of your beverages cold, but it also serves another function by displaying the entirety of your products to your customers. This means they don’t have to ask and you don’t have to open the door to check what you have available.

The next thing you will need is something to fill those fridges with. The choice of beverages is entirely up to you, and honestly that’s one of the best parts of being a bar owner. At first, it’s best to have a wide assortment of choices of drinks that can both be served alone and in cocktails. Later on however, you will easily be able to determine what is more popular and should be ordered in bulk, and what is simply a waste of money.

And since you have liquor, you will also need a wide assortment of glasses. There are the normal glasses that can be found in every kitchen, and then there are the shot glasses, martini glasses, wine glasses, liquor glasses and pint glasses to name a few.

You are also going to need a few of the more essential utensils that every barman needs. These include the bottle opener and corkscrew, the cocktail shaker, juicer, blender, ice bucket and of course, the speed pourers.

In conclusion, I would like to add two things that shouldn’t be forgotten. One – a bar, like any other venture has many risks and problems, but can pay off if you are persistent and have a good work ethic. Two – don’t forget the importance of tacky pictures you can find in any bar since they are good for starting conversations.