A water pump can be found in both a domestic setting as well as a large number of industries and specialized fields that range from chemical plants to fire-fighting since it has a very useful function. In the simplest terms, these devices are used to move or transport liquid from one point to another. The exact type of liquid, as well as the speed at which it can be displaced does however depend on a few different factors. One is the model and function of the pump itself and the other the type of generator it uses.


A generator is usually the first thing you look at when you want to buy water pump since it is the biggest determining factor as to what you can use the pump for, depending on the horsepower the generator can supply it with. The fight over which is superior between petrol and diesel has been going on for quite a while and it has never been easy to determine a winner since they both have their good and bad sides.

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The diesel generator is sort of like the marathon runner out of the two types since it can run for extended periods of time and still use up less of its fuel while managing to put less strain on its parts. Nevertheless, there is a trade off in that while it does emit less CO2 over time due to its better fuel economy, it still does produce more noxious gases and CO2 per litre than the petrol powered variety. They are however safer to run as they can withstand running for a longer time at their maximum power output, while their competitors would struggle to do such a thing without reaching high temperatures very quickly.

Sticking to the runner metaphor, the petrol powered generator would be the sprinter since it definitely has less stamina than the diesel, but is much more powerful. These models as well as the petrol fuel they use are also generally cheaper than the diesel and their fuel, but this is admittedly counterbalanced by the point that you will spend more on fuel in the long run because of its inferior economy. The main advantage that petrol generators have over their competitors is that they have been around for longer and there are more available models. In addition, in recent years there have been many improvements made in order to bridge the gap in fuel efficiency.

It seems that a winner won’t be decided today either. As I mentioned before, when considering what type to buy water pump generators are the most important aspect of the device itself. So before you do anything, figure out which type you need and see which type of fuel will be the better choice for the task you have at hand.