Once you furnish your bathroom with all the necessities, you are ready to look through the accessories that are suitable for this part of the home. The one item that can add both style and functionality is definitely the mirror. There’s a vast array of mirrors to choose from, but one innovative type that stands out is the LED backlit mirror. Read on to find out why.

led mirrors1

As the name suggests, LED backlit mirrors have LED lights that are placed in the back of the mirror. The placement of the LED lights gives the mirror a framed look and provides a natural glow at the same time. That natural glow is what makes these led mirror lights so great. Simply put, you will get a reflection that is natural-looking and easy on the eyes each time you use it. On the same note, these led mirror lights are superior to others in their longevity as well. For a simple comparison, regular incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of 1,200 hours, while, on the other hand, led mirror lights last around 40,000 hours and use much less energy (80% less than conventional bulbs).

led mirrors2

Next comes the practical uses of the backlit mirrors. As I already mentioned above, these provide a natural look which is especially convenient when you use the mirror for hygiene and grooming routines. Each member of the family has their own personal needs and you can rest assured that this type of mirror will meet them all, be it for makeup application for the ladies, or the shaving routine for men. What comes as an additional perk in these instances is the fact that when using a backlit mirror you won’t notice any shadows in your reflection. The placement of the LED lights and their intensity is what makes this feature possible. While on the topic of practicality, it is important to mention that a number of backlit mirrors come with an anti-fog feature too. It may seem like a small thing, but not having to wipe the mirror after each shower is more convenient than you might think at first.

Finally, the aesthetic appeal is also a big thing with this type of mirrors. Besides all the practical uses, it is good to know that a mirror can also serve as a decoration, and in this case even as a focal point in a room. The design of the backlit mirrors makes them noticeable in an unusual and eye-catching way.