Having the proper essential outdoor gear with you when exploring the Australian outback is a foolproof way to get the most out of your next camping adventure. If you want to be well-prepared and have a pleasant holiday without dragging too much stuff with you, there are some basic pieces of outdoor gear that can help make your days out in the great outdoors that much easier. Here are some of them.

Flashlight or Headlampheadlamp


While a headlamp will be useful for when you want to cook something or start a fire, a flashlight will serve you well in cases where you need more light. Some flashlights today, have all kinds of features like being rechargeable or having a built-in focus system, and with headlamps, you have an option for different levels of light focus. These are pieces of outdoor gear are absolute must-haves when embarking on an adventure in the great outdoors so make sure to be equipped with at least one of them.

Power generatorpower generator


In order to make your time in the wild a bit more convenient, you will need a power generator. While they are still somewhat hefty, most modern day generators include mufflers and air filters so you can have a peaceful conversation while getting the pork chops ready. Nevertheless, power generators are a must and although they are heavier than your other pieces of equipment, they compensate with their functionality for it quite well.

Three-Fold Dry Bag

dry bag

Three-Fold bags are a great replacement for duffel bags and bulky backpacks, and not only do they pack a lot but they also keep your stuff dry. You can put all kinds of electronics in them, like a laptop smartphone or that power generator I was talking about, and they will all stay dry. They come in all kinds and size but the most popular and ideal size is the 10L one – it makes for a universal bag for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Water Filter

water bottle

A stainless steel insulated water bottle will help you carry water on your hikes, but what will provide you with clean and safe to drink water is a water filter. If you ran out of the water you took from home and you are not sure if the one in the closest river is drinkable, just use the water filter to purify the water from any bacteria, parasites, and microplastics it might contain and drink up.