Urban gardens have become quite popular in Australia. Many Aussies are starting to embrace the idea of growing and cultivating their own fruits and vegetables, so today it is pretty common to see planters (full of gorgeous produce) on balconies, decks, and terraces across the country.

If you too are interested in urban gardening, know that today there are more tools than ever to help you succeed in it. As someone who is just getting to know the basics of urban gardening, I recommend you to start with buying just a few essential gardening supplies first and then add more to your collection as you learn your needs and discover your gardening style.

When purchasing your gardening supplies, have the size of your garden in mind. For example, for a balcony garden, you will need just a trowel and a couple of hand tools, while for a backyard garden you will need a bigger range of full-size tools. Here’s what you’ll need to start your urban garden.



For planting your seeds or for moving a chive plant to a new location, you’ll need a good trowel. You can use it for weeding, removing stones, transplanting and dividing herbs that are spreading without damaging the roots of close plants. Choose a trowel that features a comfortable handle as well as sturdy and sharp sides that can cut into the soil.


There are some cases when a trowel isn’t enough to remove pesky weeds, so you may need to get a specialized weeding tool as well. Which type you should choose depends on the types of weeds you need to deal with. In general, look for a weeder that allows you to remove the deep-rooted ones from narrow spaces and delicate raised beds.

Handheld Pruners

These tools are essential for pruning fruit trees and can be of great use for cutting out nearby shrubs that encroach on your planters. Choose a sharp, strong pair of handheld pruners that is comfortable to operate with.

Harvesting Knife

Where pruners won’t cut it, you will need a good, sharp knife designed for effectively taking down your large-stemmed produce. Look for a harvesting knife design that allows you to cut your harvest without damaging it. A model made with high-carbon steel makes a good choice as it sustains its sharpness.

Maintaining Your Garden Tools

To get the most out of your gardening supplies, it is important that you keep them clean. Remove soil from them with a wire brush, soaking off any caked-on mud first. With a rag, apply a bit of vegetable oil to the metal and wood parts. Keeping your tools clean will prevent them from rusting em in a good shape for many years.