The market for construction machines and equipment in Australia is full with different brands that offer various machines that can be used for different construction tasks. Our focus in this text will be on two construction machines manufacturers that have earned a global reputation thanks to their high quality and superior machines. Introducing Grove and Case, two giants on the market for construction machines.



Grove. Grove is well-known brand for cranes. The Grove cranes can be seen on every major construction site all over the world. In 2002, Grove was acquired by Manitowoc Cranes- an American manufacturer of lifting machines. The Grove cranes are known for their reliability, industry leading performance and incredible return on investment. A wide range of cranes under the name Grove can be found on the market, including all terrain cranes, truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, yardboss industrial cranes, carrydeck industrial cranes, and other specific Grove cranes.

These lifting machines from Grove stand for their durability, superior performance and excellent results on any job site and on any weather conditions. All Grove cranes can be classified as mobile cranes, and their lifting capacity ranges from 8 to 450 tonnes. Every crane from Grove comes with advanced technology and innovative features, like the MEGATRAK suspension system, the TWINLOCK pinning system and the MEGAFORM boom design. All these innovative features make the Grove cranes to stand out from the rest on the market. For maximized functionality and increased value, all Grove cranes are engineered and designed with modular base units and add-on components for bigger role on the job site. In the end, every Grove crane can be designed specifically to meet the requirements and the regulations of different regions.

Case. Case is another giant on the market for construction machines and equipment. This American manufacturer is known all over the world for its high quality, powerful and reliable machines. In its product line, Case includes: backhoe loaders, compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, compact excavators, MSR excavators, heavy excavators, wheel excavators, other useful machines. On the market, Case is most known for its loaders. Many customers all around the world choose the Case loader because it is considered as powerful and efficient machine, capable to perform a variety of tasks quickly and effectively.

Every Case loader comes with overlapping boom cylinders that provide lower height, making the Case loader a suitable machine for transportation. Furthermore, the newest Case loader models are designed with slimmer boom for increased visibility. The technologies and the innovative features which make the Case machines to be a number one choice for many customers all around the world include: extendible dipper stick, return to travel, return to dig, power turn, ride control on the Case loader and skid steer, quick coupler on the backhoe, usage of biodiesel blends, SCR technology application and etc.