There are plenty of houses I’ve been a guest in that had so much fancy elements comprising their interior design and yet, I wouldn’t say they were “well-designed”. There was always the lack of something: colour cohesion, harmony of design, inappropriate smell for the ambiance, or completely wrong lightening. And we all know how much damage can one wrong element do to the entire picture, especially if the senses of an interior designer or a perfectionist catch it. While interior design is a whole area of expertise, one doesn’t really need (and not everyone can actually) to have that much knowledge to really nurture their inner décor genius – that’s right, we all have it in us, we just need to know how to awake it.

When it comes to nurturing an inner décor guru, there are just a few things one should know about home furniture: combining styles and colours is crucial. There are 5 pieces of home furniture that can be defined as the base of a good home design and on which you should pay considerable amount of attention to.

The beauty of accent chairs

Accent chairs

Accent chairs are often neglected when it comes to designing a beautiful home, mainly because a lot of people think that a set has to be comprised of a number of identical chairs. Or, that the colour of a chair has to be the same as the sofa or the walls. And that’s so not the purpose nor the definition of an accent chair. In a room that follows a certain colour pattern creating sort of a dull, monotonous ambiance, an accent chair is just what you should use to break it. Think of a completely beige or white room with a few pink decorations among which a pink accent chair acts as the largest colour element. Creating focus like a pro.

The allmighty sofa bed – comfort and style

Sofa bed

You can choose to make your walls to be the colourful element of the room with either paint or decorations like photo frames, cool quotes and similar; or, you can concentrate all the colour fun on the furniture, like the sofa bed for example. A sofa bed should be comfortable in the first place, then stylish. Think something with sleek lines and cool, simple design. Allow the material to be colourful, especially if you’re planning it for a smaller living room with white walls and few decorations.

The drawer commode doesn’t have to be boring

Drawer commode

We often think of the drawer commode as the piece of home furniture that’s simply necessary and nothing more. We all need the drawers, so why would we complicate things and think of the design of the commode? Well, here’s one reason to start: when in need of colour in a small room, a fancy coloured drawer commode would be an amazing choice.

Coffee, coffee and then some more coffee on my fancy coffee table

Coffee table

While for most people coffee is a necessity, for some of us, coffee is more of a pleasure. Especially if you’re from those people who have an entire set of cups and treat the ceremony of coffee drinking with big attention. To get the complete pleasure, a good idea is to create a coffee corner in your living room for example. Put the accent on the coffee table here; choose something that has an unusual shape and a good colour which will be in accordance with the chairs. And don’t forget to decorate it with a tray with aromatic candles; according to me, that’s the best decoration you could possibly choose.