Although most of our communication happens online where we can receive and send hundreds messages in the blink of an eye, the good old snail mail is far from gone. This is very good news because it means that letterboxes will still remain around. I might not send physical letters anymore, but nevertheless I love my sleek, white letterbox. And how wouldn’t I, after receiving so many compliments about it?

It’s difficult not to notice a letterbox. After all, it’s usually mounted on the front porch next to the door, on the fence or at a prominent spot in the landscape. This makes the letterbox the perfect opportunity to make a nice first impression. If you fail to pay attention to this important exterior element, you can end up embarrassing yourself. And this can happen more often than you think, especially for homes using a metal letterbox. Due to being exposed to the elements, these letterboxes can easily rust and lose their charm.


Having thought well about the material, I went for a sleek, wooden letterbox, more precisely a model made out of Accoya wood. For those who are not familiar with it, Accoya wood is the perfect material for exterior elements because of its resistance to moisture and damage from the sun. Letterboxes made of Accoya are known for their exceptional durability, low maintenance needs, stability, and of course sleek aesthetic appeal.

Regarding the look of a letterbox, it’s all a matter of taste. I personally, fell in love with the elegant charm a white letterbox gives to the exterior. White is timeless and clean, and I must say an unusual colour for a letterbox. A white letterbox will stand out between the darker coloured letterboxes in a neighbourhood, and still be subtle enough to complement any exterior design. It’s especially prominent when mounted upon a dark coloured door or fence.

Since letterboxes are available in varying colours, there really is a little something for everyone. A word advice would be to consider how the letterbox will correspond with the colour of its surroundings. You should also think about the colour and design of your address number and name and how they will match with the letterbox. Whenever you feel like it needs some freshening up, you can give your letterbox a brand new look with some cute DIY décor.

Finally, I’d like to mention that letterboxes can come have several different mounts – wall mounted, fence mounted, or mounted on a stand alone post. The wall mounted ones are very practical because you don’t have to walk a lot to get your mail. These letterboxes can also have a flush finish which are is subtle and able to completely blend in with your home’s siding. Fence mounted letterboxes can give an otherwise boring fence a new dimension, while the post mounted models are the most commonly used letterboxes, loved for their traditional look. Depending on your preference and how far you’d like to walk to get your mail, you can choose one of these three mounting styles.