If there’s enough room for one, a shed can be a great addition to your garden. It can increase the functionality of your property by providing extra space for storing household goods that won’t fit inside. Additionally, it can protect your equipment, bicycles, and even vehicles from the elements, pests and potential theft.

A shed can also add some aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space if it is properly chosen. Having said that, if you want to enhance your home with a prefabricated shed, here are some suggestions to assist you in making the best decision.

Size It Right

grey 6x3 garden shed close up
source: shedplennew.blogspot.com

Make sure the garden shed you select has enough room to accommodate all the things you wish to store. Are you planning to use it as a motorcycle or as a storage space for your tools? Or maybe you’re searching for a shed that you can convert into a personal workshop. Once you have a clear understanding of the shed’s intended use, you can choose the right size.

For instance, a modest 2×1 shed can provide space for some essential items like a lawnmower and garden hose. However, it’s best to buy a 6×3 garden shed that may house a range of objects, even entire vehicles, and serve as a garage if your home has one.

Besides the shed being able to fit the things you want, you also need to make sure that you have the available space to fit the shed itself. That said, a 6×3 garden shed may be too much a limited space can handle. So, before you settle on a size, measure up your available space to make sure you pick a design that will fit.

Gathering all the gardening supplies and other things you wish to fit in your shed at the location where the shed will be installed is a useful technique to estimate the shed size you require. Then add some additional room so you have enough space to move about within the shed.

Consider the Materials Sheds Are Made of

colorbond garden shed in corner among plants
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Remember that the shed will be exposed to rain, UV rays, snow, insects, and a variety of other environmental factors. As a result, you should spend money on a shed constructed of materials that are resistant to the elements and other circumstances.

That being said, buying a Colorbond shed may be a wise investment. In essence, Colorbond is coated steel. The coat gives the steel an additional layer of defence, making it rustproof and UV resistant. It makes sense that Colorbond would work well for sheds since it is frequently used for roofing on Australian homes.

Strong and resistant to termites and flames, Colorbond is a material that can withstand high winds. But despite its extreme toughness, this substance is lightweight. This makes moving and setting up the shed incredibly simple. Additionally, because the paint is bonded to the material, there is no need to repaint, making it a low-maintenance choice.

Wood is another popular shed material. Homeowners who like a more classic appearance or have a cottage-style garden tend to prefer this type of shed the most. But keep in mind that moisture and rain can make wood more vulnerable to rot and damage. Insects like termites may also use it as a target.

Additionally, it needs to be painted frequently because, with time, the paint might chip and fade. Therefore, you must routinely repaint and waterproof your wooden shed to ensure that it lasts a long time.

The Shape of the Roof Is an Important Factor Too

metal storage shed in forest
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When deciding on a shed, the roof is often not taken into consideration. It’s crucial to pay attention to its design, though, as it may have an impact on how rainfall drains from the shed. Your property may sustain harm from a roof that is shaped improperly.

For instance, if the shed and home will be connected, you don’t want the roof to allow water to drip onto the house’s side and lead to mould issues. The shed with a skillion roof will allow it to mix in better with the home and won’t drain water improperly in that case, so look for one of those.

However, a garble roof is better if your shed will be positioned beneath a tree. The leaves can slide off more easily with this type of roof.

Pick a Design That Complements Your Outdoor Space

garden shed in corner of backyard
source: fantastichandyman.com.au

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that the shed can have an impact on your home’s curb appeal. So be sure to choose a design that fits into the surroundings unless you want your shed to stand out like a sore thumb.

For instance, Colorbond sheds are available in a range of hues, allowing you to select one that complements the siding on your home or the garden fence. If you want your shed to appear to blend with the grass, you can also choose a green colour. To make the shed into a decorative element, you may also plant flowerbeds all around it or even hang pots on its walls.