If you are a colour lover, use the advantage of the texture of a piece of abstract art to create an even more dynamic design. Do not be afraid to make your home your own – display abstract art that expresses you. Remember, abstract art is fun. It is personal. In other words, abstract art, original pieces or quality prints, simply add you to your interior.

Aside from being bold accent pieces, abstract pieces of art can help you build a colour palette you can use to create an inviting interior. The colours and forms simply bring a positive energy to a room. Of course, if you select the right pieces. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on an original; you can easily find abstract art prints for sale all over the web at great prices. There are so many galleries and stockists online that stock abstract art which has expanded the art world greatly. Remember, abstract art prints can set the mood, ergo be selective when it comes to spaces like bedrooms, living and family rooms.


Whether you choose framed or unframed abstract art prints for sale, knowing more about the abstract art and what’s behind the scenes of art prints will help you make the choice that will give your room a fresh perspective.

Abstract art is considered to be art that doesn’t have a recognizable subject, like a bowl of fruit or a person. It has nothing that tries to relate to something or look like something. This is where the colour and form really take shape; it can also include the materials and support as part of the abstract painting. Abstract art is completely non objective as well as being non representational, and being such it has has opened the doors for many young artists and given them a way to express themselves that breaks away from the traditional styles that were all so very used to.

A distinction that seems to happen a lot when it comes to abstract art is the geometric. This can be seen in the works of many famous abstract painters. For example, Kandinsky or Pollock are known for carefully planned and executed work unlike the more flowing and fluid style of Mondrian. Another reason that makes abstract art so popular is that there are so many different styles and ways you can take this art. Unlike figure painting which is just mainly of the human body, abstract art can be approached in a lot of different ways.

Another thing that is put in the same group as abstract art, is figurative abstractions and paintings that represent things that can’t actually be seen. These things may include something like an emotion, sound or spiritual experience. Figurative abstractions are a simplified version of reality and the world around us. All the detail is taken out of recognizable objects leaving only the objects essence or some degree of a form that can be viewed at in many different ways leaving a different impression on everyone who views it.

This all started in Western culture and in Western art history where artists wanted to break away from the preconceived notion that a painting must represent something that has happened in the early 20th century. A lot of art movement contributed to the breaking of these rules like impressionism, fauvism and cubism. These art movements helped break down the boundaries and rules that were set all the way back from the renaissance era. Many impressionism artists stopped finishing their paintings; fauvism artist started using colour in unrealistic ways; cubism artist introduced the idea of painting an object that could be viewed from more than one view point – these ideas were all unheard of. From all of these artist came the realization that colour, line, form and texture could be used to create the subject of art in a painting which is how abstract art came to be.