Being fashionable is what most women want, yet when it comes to actually being so many of us get lost. The key is in viewing it as the art of showing the world who you truly are, not trying to put on pieces you only see at the runway just because they’re what It-girls would wear.

It’s really that simple and all you have to do is choose to wear what makes you feel great and fits you well, flattering your silhouette; this goes for women of all ages! Okay, I admit, it takes a little bit of knowledge too to be sure of what to buy and what to avoid at all costs, so read along and hopefully you’ll look your best.

woman in casual top

The Power of Casual

As it happens, we live in a time where casual is the ingredient that goes well with various styles, and you wouldn’t be wrong in investing in chic women casual tops, for instance, because they’re versatile, you can come up with endless outfits and combinations, and there’s the right one for anyone’s taste, from the more feminine with floral patterns or lace and mesh details, to the more minimal and sporty. Best of all is this is the style that guarantees comfort!

Be Your Own Inspiration

Yes, you read that right, instead of looking for inspiration all over Instagram and Pinterest, why not be your own example?! You’d spend your time with more quality actually wearing what looks good on you instead of scrolling down through the fashionista accounts looking for the great outfits that grab attention.

women casual tops

Shop Smart

I get it, you dream of a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s, more so when you see bloggers, fashionistas and influencers like Chiara Ferragni, Elle Ferguson and Camila Coelho all over the social networks flaunting branded clothing but remember, this is their job, switching into stylish clothing and getting their photos taken, it’s how they promote products which is why many of the things they wear they get for free.

So the next time you feel envious of a gorgeous woman on the internet wearing the latest piece of Gucci or Prada, think about this and go look for something similar in looks but not in price. The last thing you need is to go bankrupt because of your extravagant fashion choices.

Likewise, having this reality check means you can buy many more stylish affordable tops for women at once to spice up your wardrobe with instead of aiming for that one that would break your bank.

On the other hand, it’s also not a great idea to buy something just for the sake of buying because you fell in love with the price and not the piece itself; if it doesn’t flatter your body, then it shouldn’t find its place in your wardrobe, no matter how cheap it may be.


Accessorise Smart

When you use this shopping tactic, you have the chance to pay more attention to the quality of the pieces, specifically the fabrics, and end up buying several stylish women casual tops to refresh your wardrobe, different in shapes, designs and colours.

Needless to say this way you’d have more outfits up your sleeve mixing and matching the tops with your favourite pants, skirts, sweaters, blouses, jackets as well as versatile footwear, be it sneakers, heels, flats or boots.

And oh, the number of outfits would increase significantly if you include accessories in the styling game. You may not have thought the same causal ladies top would be perfect for various occasions like work, night out, travel and trips to the cinema, year-round, yet with the help of carefully selected accessories you’d get exactly that.

In other words, these are pieces that allow you to be creative, exploring the possibilities. The perfect way to liven up an understated look is to use bold accessories, it could be an oversized necklace, large earrings, a silky scarf, a hat like the wide brim fedora or a belt with an interesting buckle. Also, don’t underestimate the power of great makeup and your smile!

casual style for older woman

Handle with Care

If you find yourself leaving your women casual tops, pants, scarves scattered all around the closet without any order, piled up on the chair you use as a hanger, or even the floor, then it’s time for some change. Buying quality is just part of the deal of having lovely clothes and accessories that are durable, you also have to handle them with care.

When washing them, be sure to read the instructions carefully, wash and iron appropriately, and then hang them properly afterwards. It’s this kind of care that makes the clothing and accessories look as good as new time and time again.