Did you know that one Australian car runs around 13,500km in one year, and emits 2.5t of carbon dioxide? That sound a lot, right? And it is, it’s a big number. The emissions from transport increased by 60% since 1990 and are the third biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Cars are responsible for half of it.

Even though with the Paris Agreement Australia pledged to reduce these emissions by 2030, and completely eliminate them by 2050, they are on the rise continuously. We could continue with these devastating numbers around the world, but let’s focus on some solutions and how to make things better. One way to reduce pollution is to plant as many trees as we can. As we know trees are the lungs of our planet and supply humanity with clean and fresh air.

By planting more trees in parks, yards, hills and every green place we can find, we’ll significantly reduce air pollution. Avoid burning leaves and trash. The smoke and chemicals have a heavy impact on the air quality, plus they can lead to fires and the destruction of valuable forests. Put filters on your chimneys and don’t use fireworks and crackers for celebration. But most importantly, find an alternative for transportation. Stop driving your car unnecessarily.

Ride a Bike

Instead of just jumping in the car and getting to your destination, consider riding a bike. A bike doesn’t contribute to air pollution in any way, that’s why it’s a good alternative. If your office is too far away to walk or you’re late you can rely on your bike to take you to your destination faster.

It’s also a more efficient way to move during rush hour because you can go through shortcuts, alleys, sidewalks and streets at the same time, weaving through traffic with ease. Overall, it’s more practical and cost-effective because it requires no gas and it’s low maintenance. Besides being good for the environment, cycling is also great for your health and keeps you fit.

It’s a great way to control and lose weight because it can burn around 300 calories in one hour. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart strokes and high blood pressure. It strengthens the heart muscles and improves lung function. Riding a bike will also improve your balance and coordination and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. The bike will keep you healthy and punctual at the same time, plus you’ll be eco-friendly and emission-free.

Get a Scooter

girl riding scooter
source: li.me

If you don’t want to get sweaty on the bike, or hate to squeeze in public transportation with hundreds of strangers, a scooter will be the right choice for you. An easy-to-use scooter for adults is great for getting from point A to point B without carbon emissions. Even though the initial buying cost may seem a lot, it’s very cost-effective and low maintenance.

Except for the helmet, you don’t need to have any other equipment or clothes to drive it. It also works on the balance and movement of your body and it’s really fun to ride it. Adult scooters are starting to change traffic rules and movement. With more and more people using them, governments around the world need to find a solution and work out a complete guide and rules on how to implement them into traffic.

They are great for rides less than 8km, or you can use the scooter to get to the train station, fold it up and continue your travels by train. It costs way less to ride it than riding a car, the difference can be hundreds of dollars. It’s also cheaper than public transport and definitely more convenient. No strangers, no bad smells, or many stops, as you’ll easily replace crowded places with fresh air and beautiful sights.

But before buying a scooter for adults, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. Think about the weather conditions. If you live in a rainy and wet area, public transport may be a better idea. Heavy snows and ice roads will prevent you from driving it around. Check if you need a special permit and type of insurance since this can vary from state to state. Also, check if the city/town you live in has charging stations. If you’re not sure about the scooter’s performance and maintenance, talk to an expert because they’ll give you the best advice.

Try a Skateboard

learning skateboarding
source: pchskatecamp.com

In the last couple of decades, skateboards transformed from recreational sport to an actual form of transportation all over the world. People, especially youngsters, are turning to this alternative for many different reasons. When compared to a car, skateboards are a lot cheaper and with lower maintenance. Similar to the bike, and the compact scooter for adults, they can go through routes that cars are not able to go, like pavements, parks and shortcuts. You can easily stroll through traffic during rush hour, and always carry your “vehicle” in your hands or backpack. The health benefits are many, as skateboarding:

• Gives you full body workout;
• Burns calories and fat;
• Builds up muscles;
• Relieves stress;
• Helps with depression;
• Makes you flexible;
• Inspires precision, balance, and coordination.

You can even try the newer version, the electric skateboard, that’s also convenient and light. If you decide to switch teams and go to the skateboarder group, make sure you grab all of the safety equipment as well, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and acquire proper shoes so you don’t slip and fall all the time. If you’re an experienced skateboarder, we’re sure you already have it all and you’re ready to take your next trip to the office, the market, your friend’s house or the park.

Go For a Good Old-Fashioned Walk

forget the gym start walking
source: active.com

Walking has always been, and always will be the cheapest means of transportation anywhere in the world. Instead of igniting the engine and driving, you can walk to the cinema, coffee shop, restaurant, shopping mall or office. If you think about it carefully, you probably make some unnecessary short rides every day that can be replaced with walking. It may take you longer to get to your destination, but the benefits you get outweigh everything. This type of physical activity can help you:

• Control and manage your weight;
• Prevent serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart attacks, cancers, and high blood pressure;
• Strengthen the muscles and bones;
• Improve the immune system;
• Reduce stress;
• Get more energy;
• Improve your balance and coordination.

You will also be more confident in your organizational and planning skills by mapping out your route and considering all factors that can slow you down or stop you during your walk. You can control how fast you walk, and you’ll have more route options than with a car. By keeping track of your progress and reaching your walking goals every day, you’ll stay motivated to continue your adventures and enjoy them even more.

In Summary

If we all try to ride our cars less, and start using these alternative transportation methods, we’d have a safer and cleaner living environment. We’ll leave the planet a better place to be and inspire future generations to do the same.