The one thing we know about Australia is that it’s enormous, and it has undeniable beauty and nature that has to be seen. So, it’s not strange that road-tripping and camping are among the most favourite activities for many Aussies. With so many exciting camping spots, you get the chance to discover breathtaking views and be a witness of our country’s fantastic nature and everything that comes with it.

If you’re new to this way of exploring Australia (or any other country), you should stock up on the right equipment for camping so that you can have a great first camping experience. And if you’re wondering what equipment you need for camping, you certainly shouldn’t forget about food. 

Since you’ll need more than one day to explore the great outdoors, you want to have an abundance of lightweight, nutritious, safe to eat and easy to prepare food. Out of all types of camping food, freeze-dried meals have proven to be a great option.

What Is Freeze Dried Food?

Close-up of cooked freeze dried meal

Freeze dried food is part of the essential camping gear; it’s the ideal home meal substitution since it contains the same nutrients as home-prepared meals have. This food is nothing like dehydrated food because, for its production, a machine should circulate dry, hot air across it to remove most of the water. On the other hand, freeze-dried food is quickly frozen in its pure state, after which it is placed in a strong vacuum. In this condition, the remaining water in the food sublimates and turns from ice to vapour, allowing the food to dry out without losing its ability to rehydrate later on.

The most important thing you should know about this essential element of equipment for camping, aka freeze-dried food, is that it’s more beneficial for our health than dehydrated food, and it tastes better. When comparing, both of these essential types of camping equipment have different textures and weights, which once again proves that these two types of food have nothing in common. 

Having all of this in mind and its shelf life from 7 to 25 years (depending on its packaging), it’s not strange that freeze-dried meals have become the most favoured and commonly used food among military campers, hikers, cyclists, etc. In other words, this food became the first choice for most people who don’t want to skip on receiving the needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes daily without having to carry lots of heavy food loads.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Meals

Close-up of pouring hot water in freeze dried meal

Spoilt for Choice

Even though this is a freeze-dried food and a lot of you may think that the options are poor, the truth is that you can choose from numerous types of meals, both sweet and salty. These days, you can choose from many freeze-dried meals like pasta, rice, beans, high-protein pancakes, sweet and sour rice, beef, chicken, pasta with salmon, and many other options. Unlike dehydrated food, freeze-dried meals don’t lose their natural flavour and taste. 

To get the best of both worlds of freeze-dried food, you should invest in one that comes from a trusted and reputable brand. That way, you can have peace of mind that the used ingredients for this food before the process are quality, fresh, and healthy. Then and only then you can be sure that you’ll give your body the needed energy and nutrition even when hiking. Not skipping on replenishing your body when hiking is crucial for having enough strength for all of your adventures during the journey. 

Convenient to Use

Another reason why campers love this food is its ease of preparation. You’ll need to add boiling water into the bag, stir in the mixture, and wait for a few minutes. After this, you’ll have ready-to-eat food without cooking or heating it in a separate bowl or pan. You can eat it right from the bag, saving you a lot of time.

Easy to Store

This food doesn’t need any special place for storing. That being said, you can keep it in the garage, in the pantry or any free space in your home. Being lightweight and neatly packed, they can even fit into a backpack. And the best of all is that you don’t need a refrigerator or cooler to keep them in good shape.

Low Risk of Bacteria Growth

Close up of having a freeze dried meal near a tent with a great view

Since most of the water vapours during the process, you can have peace of mind that this food minimises the risk of bacteria growth. Spoiling is also almost impossible with freeze-dried food, which is one of the many reasons why campers love it.