Tennis has got to be one of the best sports when it comes to maintaining health, fitness, endurance, and agility. It’s the perfect activity to help you get that great shape you’ve been dreaming of for long, by burning stubborn belly fat and calories, and toning your muscles without the use of bodybuilding supplements. Though these aren’t the only reasons why you should make it part of your life.

Besides the physical aspect of it, there’s also the mental which sums up to about 80% of the games since it takes a great deal of strategising and understanding all the tactics and patterns it takes to get a victory. The problem-solving skills and mental alertness that you get to implement with the games are useful in other areas in your life too.

Not to mention, tennis is also ideal if you’re having trouble getting a restful night’s sleep, since it’s crucial in regulating serotonin. Don’t be surprised if you notice some positive changes regarding your competitiveness as well – you can use it to your advantage and stay motivated no matter what challenges come your way. Another area that it could further benefit is your social life.

Now, you don’t have to be a pro to be able to reap all these advantages that I just mentioned. Still, to be able to do so, you’d have to acquire the proper equipment, including something as seemingly insignificant as the outstandingly functional tennis overgrips. While you don’t necessarily need them, you’re going to want them if you decide to play regularly.

Holding a tennis raquet

What are Overgrips?

That tennis grip you buy your racquet with may seem like an all-important part, however, over time, it tends to wear out and is replaceable. Moreover, it isn’t that comfortable when you get into hours’ long practices. This is where overgrips step in.

You can wrap these thin, add-on grips around the racquets’ actual grips, thus significantly increasing your comfort, in addition to protecting the base. As the handy equipment pieces they are, there are extra benefits you can use to your advantage when purchasing overgrips. Available in kits and separate units, you’ve got a vast array of choices to shop from.

Making a Tennis Racquet with Overgrips

Prevention of Nasty Blisters

It’s all fun and games until you start feeling pain in your hands due to the repeated rubbing from the racquet. The longer you expose your hands to this, the higher the risk of blisters that just won’t heal, meaning you’d end up staying out of the game for quite a while.

Why go through this nuisance and be away from the court, when you can get the protection you require with the simple addition of the suitable cloth-like tape. Buy your own set, change them whenever you feel they start losing the effect, and you’re good to go – so long aches!

Moisture Absorption

As I mentioned, tennis is a perfect sport because it keeps you fit and active. What you can expect when you start playing is sweating – a great deal of it. And that includes your hands. So, experiencing some racquet slipping mishaps is more than likely. Fret not, the ingenious tennis overgrips have you covered since they’re created with sweat absorbing properties.

If you’re prone to sweating more than usual, particularly at the hands, or you’re playing in humid conditions, it’s advisable to look for those options that are ultra-absorbent. This would be the case of premium designs made from PU materials, notable for their soft comfortable feel and tackiness.

Such models are also a wise choice because they increase the traction, providing you with a sticky and firm grip. Counting on these accessories, you’d never have to be obstructed by your basic tennis gear, nor would this be at the expense of your performance.


Grip Customisation

When purchasing a new racquet, size is of utmost importance because it has a role in comfort, movement, as well as prevention from injuries. And yet, despite this, and the wide range of racquets on the market, sometimes it’s possible to get the wrong one.

Again, this is where overgrips can prove to be most needed since they allow you to customise the grip size. Even if you feel the grip is too thin for you to handle it properly, you can add as many layers of tennis overgrip as you see fit. The outcome of this would be added cushioning too.

Tennis Racquet on the gorund with two tennis balls

Affordability and Variety

If you think of your tennis gear as a long-term investment, doing the math would lead you to the conclusion that purchasing overgrips is a much more cost-efficient solution than having to replace grips. Available separately and in kits, varying in colours, materials, patterns, as well as thickness, you’ll easily find the designs to your liking that are within the limits of your budget.

Even if you come to the point of needing more replacements of them, you’d still get to preserve the original grip as you aren’t in direct contact with it. Moreover, by changing them, you’d be able to personalise your racquet with something eye-catching every time you’re out on the court.