At some point in our life, we’ve all experienced difficulty sleeping. There can be numerous reasons for this. Some mental or physical health problems can cause sleep disorders, like anxiety, depression, ADHD, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Other than that, falling asleep can be hard if we are worried, excited, or just uncomfortable in the bed where we sleep.

There are a lot of recommendations on what to do to get a good night’s sleep. But everything is irrelevant if the bed that we sleep on is not serving its purpose. We all know that feeling when we just can’t wait to go home and lie down, and when we get there, we start tossing and turning because we can’t find a comfortable position. We become nervous and come to terms with the fact that it will be another sleepless night.

This doesn’t have to be our reality. Our health is too valuable to spend our life sleeping on low-quality beds. Unfortunately, choosing the right bed can be an equally exhausting process because there are so many options. From bed frames to mattresses, everything plays an important part in providing your body with the best rest possible. If you are following the latest wellness trends, you may have come across adjustable beds.

adjustable bed for bedroom

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

The first thing that comes to mind may be a hospital bed, with a single mattress and bed rails. Although these beds are also adaptable, a modern adjustable bed for your home is a whole new experience. This is an electric bed that allows the user to control different parts of the bed in order to choose the position which best suits their body. Each section of the bed can be adjusted separately with a controller that can be attached to the bed with a cord. However, most of the latest models have a wireless hand controller which controls the motors that enable the bed to move in various positions. It can have an inserted flashlight for better visibility at night.

There are different kinds of mattresses that will work well with adjustable bed bases. You need to make sure that the one you pick is flexible, durable, and compatible with the base, so it remains in good shape for a long time. The most usual ones are the breathable and high-quality latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses.


The practical features of adjustable electric beds are the reason why they have become tremendously popular. Firstly, they can be found in all sizes – twin, king, queen, California king, you just need to choose the one which you prefer. Secondly, they come with many cool options that include:

  • Heating – Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a warm bed in those cold winter nights? Plus, it can have a therapeutic effect on the body and help us relax;
  • Massage – Some beds have an in-build massage system. Every day can be your spa day from the comfort of your own bed;
  • Adjustable legs – Help you to lower or raise the height of your bed on the desired level;
  • USB charging ports – You wouldn’t have to get up to plug in your phone or laptop;
  • LED lighting under the bed – Can serve as a night light.

All of these options that can boost comfort and the fact that these beds can be used to alleviate certain health conditions are the reason why you should buy an adjustable bed today.

an old man sitting on a bed with back pain

Helps Back Pain and Arthritis

Back pain is usually caused by sleeping on mattresses that are too hard and don’t follow the line of our body. If the spine doesn’t receive the proper support, we wake up with back pain. You might have tried massage chair therapy for relieving pain, some exercises, or sleeping with a pillow between your legs. But the zero gravity position electric beds provide is specifically designed for relieving back pain by taking off the pressure of your spine. This position allows you to lie on your back and your head and legs are slightly raised so your body comes in a neutral, relaxed position.

By adjusting the positions of your bed, you can also relieve arthritic pain which is only made worse by putting pressure on the joints while sleeping.

Helps Breathing Problems

Snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma are all breathing conditions that get worse when sleeping on a flat surface. Elevating the upper part of the bed keeps your head high, provides airflow, and keeps the airways open. Besides these conditions, sleeping with a cold can be also torture due to the stuffiness in the airways. With an adjustable bed, you can help yourself breathe better and prevent snoring.

Prevents Insomnia

Having insomnia can really mess up your life. Stress, anxiety, and an uncomfortable bed are some of the causes. But instead of turning around in your bed all night, you can find the perfect position and get a whole night of sleep. You can also adjust the heating of the bed as well if the temperature is the reason why you can’t get a shuteye, or let it give you a nice massage for relaxation.

Improves Circulation

Poor circulation is a common problem. You might be using pillows to give you support or raise a part of your body, but this doesn’t mean quality sleep. With the ability to control which areas of the bed to raise and which to lower, you can help your heart pump blood easier to the body parts that need it, and improve blood flow and circulation.

girl sitting on an adjustable bed and working on her laptop

Makes Sleeping with Acid Reflux Easier

It’s hard to sleep when you’re constantly being woken up by coughing, upper body pain, or a feeling of choking. When the stomach acid raises, it can cause all of these and the bitter taste in your mouth as well. Saliva, swallowing, and gravity help keeping the acids down, but none of these work when we lie down to sleep. Raising the top of the bed can reduce reflux while sleeping, and help you not to be tired in the morning.

Greater Independence

Due to various reasons, getting in or out of bed can be a problem. People who need help because of an injury, old age, or other conditions can benefit greatly from having an adjustable bed. It will make it easier for them to function, and give them more independence without requiring extra assistance.

Helps Leg Swelling

Working all day, being pregnant or an injury are the possible reasons for swelling of the legs. We know that it’s best to keep them raised. An electric bed can give you exactly what you need without feeling uncomfortable and constantly balancing and rearranging all the pillows around you.