There is no better way to wrap yourself in comfort and joy while at home than with a good-quality robe. It will keep you warm and covered as you go about your morning ritual or throughout the day. Additionally, a great one will transport you to a hotel spa, a seaside resort, or a cosy winter cabin. However, picking the ideal robe can be a real challenge with the wide range of options available. To help you choose right, we have narrowed down some of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping.

The Right Size

woman wearing pink plus sized robe

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing is to pick the right size and fit. If you’re a bit curvy, gently caress your curves with flattering plus-sized robes. Plus size robes are also a great addition for those who want a more relaxed fit, space and comfort.

To find the best plus-sized robe that looks and feels good, measure your body and compare it to the size guide provided by the manufacturer, if there is any. This size guide contains measurements and recommendations with which you can easily determine the right fit. In some cases, a plus-size robe may require materials that shrink more after washing.

When going for the plus-size option look for those materials that shrink at least 3-5% after the first wash. If your measurements are near the specified measurements for size, you might want to move up a size bigger with these materials.

This is because the dressing gown measurements in the manufacturer’s size guide are taken before washing. Another important factor to consider when on the hunt for plus-sized robes is the colour. Since it is a garment you will use frequently and for a long time, it is important to choose a shade you really like, rather than trendy, modern colours that you risk getting bored of.

White is a fresh, classic colour that will never be out of fashion. On the other hand, a dark blue plus-sized robe will always remind you of the sea. Blue symbolises wisdom, security and trust and is said to stimulate clear thinking.

Red is the colour of power and passion, and every time you want to look attractive and seducing, this is the colour to go for.

Finest Material Selection

In terms of materials, nowadays robes are available in a wide range of options, so there is something for every budget and preference. One of the most common material choices on the market is cotton. Natural products like cotton are produced in numerous nations worldwide, primarily in Asia, Africa, and America.

It is among the materials most frequently used to produce textiles. It is a well-liked option for textiles and apparel since it is supple, strong, and has good breathability. Cotton may be woven in a variety of ways to produce textiles with unique feels and textures. The feel of a cotton robe can vary greatly depending on the weave and the quality of the cotton.

For instance, a woven cotton cloth with loops is called a cotton terry. It is frequently used to design bath sheets, robes, and towels because it is soft and absorbent. Waffle cotton, on the other hand, is a lighter and thinner variety of waffle-woven (chequered) cotton fabric. Although the waffle fabric in a cotton bathrobe can shrink, it is cool and thin.

In comparison to conventional cotton, organic cotton is frequently of superior quality, produced under better working conditions, and is more environmentally friendly. Silk is a natural material made from the threads spun by silkworms for their cocoons. The material gives you a soft and smooth feeling.

It’s airy, cool and partly temperature-regulating, not to mention its elegant and beautiful appearance. Linen is a traditional natural material produced from the flax plant. It has a lovely feel and is robust. When washed, linen fabric little shrinks and has a high absorbency. In addition to being lightweight and refreshing against the skin, a linen bathrobe packs down small for travel and gets cosier with each usage.

Wearing linen robes in the summer is particularly fashionable. Made from oil, polyester is one of the most popular synthetic material plus sized robes are made from. One of its pros are that it’s somewhat more affordable, and has properties like sturdiness and quick drying.


woman wearing perfect black lingerie robe

When weighing your options, pick a style that will best meet your requirements. Different designs will function differently based on your body temperature. A longer, thicker robe that covers your legs is a wonderful option for people who get cold easily. It would be wiser to go with a thinner, shorter style for those of you who are warmer.

Pick a silk design with lace any time you want to look attractive. You can combine it with flattering lingerie to put a spell on him. On the other hand, having pockets in your robe is very convenient. When looking for robes with pockets check if they are the proper size for your needs.

Interior pockets are also very useful. Furthermore, for some, a robe with a hood is important, while for others it’s just something that gets in the way. Before choosing, think about whether you will use the hood or not.