Wine culture is big. People love to cheer with a cup of good wine, whether it’s a wedding celebration, birthday, special events, or social gatherings. This aromatic sensation is savoured by many nations across the world and holds a special place in the hearts of wine lovers.

The myriad of wine varieties is huge. But for many wine enthusiasts, the rich red hues and complex depths of the wine made from dark-coloured grape varieties are simply too hard to resist. If you enjoy intense flavours, there are several must-try wine varieties that you will love. Find the best selection of red wine Australia-wide and choose your favourite one.

5 Red Wines You Must Try

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Many people wonder “What red wine is Australia famous for?”. Shiraz, also known as Syrah, is undoubtedly the most popular red wine in Australia. People love this variety because of its bold flavour and versatility. Shiraz is originally produced in the Rhône Valley in France but with its rise in popularity and consumption, this red wine is made across the globe, thriving in diverse climates and terroirs.

Characterised by deep dark colour, Shiraz wines have a distinctive and intense flavour that can often be accompanied by notes of plums, blackberries, and dark cherries with hints of spice, pepper and earthiness. Depending on the region where the Shiraz is made, the varieties can range from full-bodied and robust to medium-bodied and elegant. Shiraz is best served at a temperature of 15 to 18°C and its rich flavour goes along with a dish of grilled meat, beef stew, lamb and aged cheese. The intense flavour and acidity of this red wine complement the richness of these dishes.

Pinot Noir

Originating from the Burgundy region of France, Pinot Noir is cherished for its complexity and elegance. Pinot Noir wines are characterised by pale to medium ruby colour and delicate aromas of red berries, cherries and floral notes. Their subtle earthy notes are accompanied by hints of spice and sometimes a touch of smokiness.

Pinot Noir ranges from light to medium-bodied and the silky tannins and vibrant acidity are what gives the finesse of the wine. Pinot Noir is served at temperatures around 13 to 16°C and its delicate aromas pair well with a variety of dishes. From roasted poultry and grilled salmon to mushroom risotto and charcuterie, its versatility makes it a great choice for both meat and vegetarian dishes.


This is another French originating wine variety from the Bordeaux region. Merlot is a widely consumed red wine and is highly cherished for its plush texture and rich flavours. Ranging from medium to full-bodied profile, Merlot is characterised by its velvety tannins and a luscious mouthfeel. When drinking Merlot, you can taste aromas and flavours of ripe red fruits such as cherry, raspberry and plum along with notes of chocolate, herbs and spice.

If you want to feel the aromas and flavours of Merlot at its full potential, serve it at a temperature of 15 to 18°C. When it comes to food pairings, Merlot can be served along with dishes including roasted meat, grilled veggies, pasta with tomato sauces and soft cheeses.

Cabernet Sauvignon

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Originating from the same region as Merlot – the Bordeaux region of France, Cabernet Sauvignon is best known for its bold flavours, structured tannins and ageing potential. It’s one of the most prestigious varieties in the world of wines. Cabernet Sauvignon has a distinctive deep ruby-red colour and intense flavours of dark fruits such as plums, blackberry and blackcurrant.

You can often taste notes of cedar, tobacco and graphite, spiced up with hints of vanilla or spice from oak ageing. Characterised by its full-bodied profile with firm tannins and lingering finish, Cabernet Sauvignon has an excellent ageing potential. The complexity of aromas comes at a full potential when it’s served at 15 to 18°C. A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon goes great with grilled steak, beef stew, lamb chops and aged cheeses.

Cabernet Merlot

What makes Cabernet Merlot stand out is the beauty of blending two classic grape varieties, Sauvignon and Merlot. Cabernet Merlot has the best of both worlds. The blend of these two grape varieties is what gives the vine boldness of Sauvignon wine and the smoothness and fruitiness of Merlot.

The Cabernet Merlot has typically a deep ruby-red colour that comes from the presence of ripe plum, blackcurrant and cherry, along with hints of raspberry, chocolate and spice from the Merlot. The wine’s palate is medium to full-bodied, with soft and velvety tannins.

Its smooth texture and versatility in aromas and flavours make Cabernet Merlot suitable for a variety of dishes such as grilled vegetables, roasted meats, soft cheeses and pasta with tomato sauces. Best served at a temperature of 15 to 18°C.