Providing protection against a number of threats and offering unparalleled protection from impacts, cutting, slashing, abrasion, the weather, etc., tactical gloves were primarily meant to be used by the police and the military. They allow for the necessary movements, and they provide you with a good and secure grip to hold your weapon, your tactical flashlight or any other equipment you need, They are made from hardwearing, durable materials, which makes them highly resilient and impact-resistant, but they are also designed to ensure comfort, and more importantly dexterity.

tactical gloves matrial cut resistance

Generally, most of these gloves are made from thick synthetic leather or genuine leather on the palm and Kevlar on the back of the hand. They may also feature rubber, neoprene, nylon, spandex, polyester, Velcro, insulation material, fire-resistant materials, etc. While they are designed for the military and the police, there are other reasons why you might need to buy high-quality tactical gloves, sometimes also referred to as army, military or field gloves.

What are Tactical Gloves Used For?

Besides military and police operatives, these gloves are also a great choice for hunters, because they are protective in tough terrains, and especially if they are hunting under harsher weather conditions. Furthermore, if you are a paintball or airsoft enthusiast, you might need superior protection for your hands. Military gloves can absorb potential hits, but unlike other gloves you might use, they also allow for a good grip and dexterity. But these gloves don’t always have to be used for activities that require shooting.
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Because of their superior protection against the cold, they can be used for a wide range of different activities outdoors, where your hands can get injured, or when the cold can be a bigger issue. Whether it’s cleaning snow in your outdoor area, walking or hiking in the cold or any other situation in which your hands need superior protection.

All of the characteristics they have also make them one of the best options for motorcycle riding. This is both because they can absorb and dissipate the impact and the vibration, and also because of their insulation. In other words, they can reduce the risk of damaging your skin and other injuries in case you fall from the bike, and they can also protect your hands against the cold – which is one very common problem amongst motorcyclists.

How Should They Fit Your Hand?

When it comes to tactical gloves, proper fit isn’t just about comfort. When you are choosing a pair for yourself, you have to make sure that they fit like a second skin, because if they don’t, even if you’ve bought the best gloves out there, they won’t be very useful. This is why it’s important that after you’ve chosen the type you take the proper measurements.
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Your gloves should be tight, and yet they shouldn’t restrict your movements. However, if they are too loose and they can’t move around, not only can they slide off, but can also make it difficult or even impossible to handle your gear. So, in order to allow you free movement, but also let you handle your gear normally, stay on your hands and be comfortable, you need to find the sweet spot: a pair that’s neither too tight nor too loose. And also, you need to make sure that there isn’t too much excess material at the tips of your fingers.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair?

While most tactical gloves are quite good at protecting your hands from injuries and from the weather, different types come with different sets of advantages, as well as different features. So, when you are choosing a pair, there are several things you need to take into consideration.

Because the police and the military have a lot of different departments, and different tasks have different needs, not all military gloves are the same. There are different types, made for different purposes, including all-terrain, snipers’ gauntlets and needlestick gloves.
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As the name suggests all-terrain gloves are designed for any environment. Not only will they protect you from the cold and from water, because they are water-resistant, but they can also be resistant to oil, dirt etc. Because they are made for people who operate sniper rifles, snipers’ gauntlets are the best option when it comes to dexterity. However, while they are still quite resistant, they may be missing the Kevlar on the back of the glove, making them less resistant to cuts and impact than all-terrain gloves.

Designed to resist puncture, needlestick gloves are designed to protect police from the high risk of getting stuck with a needle during a drug raid. They protect them from the potential infection they may get if they are stuck by a needle, like HIV or hepatitis.

Army gloves can offer extra knuckle protection, reinforced index finger and thumb support, as well as fingertip protection, ideal for situation where impact resistance is highly important, they can be touchscreen capable, which can be a deal-breaker nowadays, they can also feature extra insulation to offer even more protection against the cold, they can be fingerless or half-finger, an option that’s sometimes chosen for the gun range, because they allow the user to feel the weapon and the ammo, etc.