Collars for cats are far beyond being a decoration for your lovely feline’s neck. Cats are curious creatures and spend most of their time roaming around and exploring their surroundings. And even though cats are known for their “sixth sense” of awareness, know that they can still get lost or get in trouble. For this purpose, you can microchip your cat or simply get your kitten a nice collar which is far more convenient and easier to get noticed by strangers. Luckily, there is a truly versatile range of different types of collars you can pick from.

Breakaway Collars

From all the collars available on the market, breakaway cats collars are the safest type. They feature a buckle or a clasp that can be easily broken to avoid choking or snagging if your cat suddenly gets stuck in a tree, bush, fence or the furniture in your home. Once your kitten tries to pull away from the place it caught itself on, the breakaway collar will “feel” the pressure and break the link, freeing your cat from the “trap” to come back safely. So, if you want to ensure your cat’s safety, make sure you choose from the great range of breakaway cats collars on the market and have peace of mind whenever your feline friend decides to take on another adventure.

Bell Collars

cat bell collar

If you thought that the bells on your cat’s collars serve as a nice pendant, you’re wrong. Actually, the traditional purpose of these cat collar bells is to warn birds, bunnies and squirrels that a predator is approaching. This also makes them great to protect the wildlife in your backyard, as well as to protect your kitten from potential diseases and infections. Also, cats are smart and flexible animals that tend to find hidden places to rest or sleep. With a bell attached to their collar, you will always know when she moves from one spot to another.

Reflective Collars

Reflective collars are a great idea if your mischievous cat “scrams” somewhere every time you call its name. They usually come in different fluorescent colours which reflect light, making it easier to find your kitten, especially in dark places. Also, if your feline friend loves wandering outside, wearing a collar made of reflective materials will keep it visible to other people and vehicles.

Collars with ID Tags

These collars are very useful for a couple of reasons. Aside from “marking” your cat’s name, they’re mostly intended to serve as a “personal ID” for your cat, where you put your home address and phone number. This is useful if your cat suddenly gets lost, so the first person who notices it can have the information where to find you.

cat id tag collar

Such ID tags can be bought at your nearest pet supplies store, and they can get attached as a pendant to every kitten collar. Aside from pendants, a lot of people lately go for personalised collars, where your cat’s name and information can be engraved or embroidered on the collar’s surface. Not only these personalised collars have a great purpose, but they’re also a very stylish “necklace” for your lovely feline.

Collars with Trackers

These collars are very advanced, featuring GPS tracking technology to ensure your cat’s safety. This technology comes as a separate device that can be attached to your kitten’s existing collar or as a complete collar where the tracking device is accommodated inside of it. In addition to the collar with a GPS device, you’ll get access to an app for your smartphone or a webpage where you can mark your house as a safe zone for your cat. But once it leaves the safe zone, you’ll immediately get a message, e-mail or a notification that your cat left and display its current location.

cat with tracker collar

Since a lot of people have been sceptical about these devices’ weight and reliability in the past, nowadays the manufacturers tend to design them to be tiny and lightweight, so they don’t “overload” your kitty’s fragile neck. Also, since they need to be frequently charged to work, many of them will send you a message or notify you in some way that their battery is low and needs to get charged to track your cat further.

Flea Collars

Your cat’s constant exploring adventures can be an easy way for your cat to bring flea into your home. They can even enter your home through open windows and doors, and infect indoor cats too.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the annoying flea is to get your ball of fur a flea collar. These collars work by emitting a gas that kills or repels flea. The most popular version of these collars is the one that releases substances that spread across your kitten’s fur to kill the “intruders” in every area of its body.

cat flea collar

As much as some cat owners can be sceptical about their feline being surrounded by these flea killing chemicals, know that these collars are designed with your kitten’s health in consideration. However, make sure you always read the instructions on the label carefully, and handle the collar with care so you don’t irritate your cat’s skin or harm yourself in any way.

If you haven’t provided your cat with a nice collar, don’t wait to hit your favourite pet shop, or simply explore some nice cat collars online and embrace all the advantages this little cat essential offers.