Socks are what contributes to how comfortable we feel while wearing shoes. And since they can also make or break an outfit style-wise, it’s important to choose the right ones for the occasion at hand.

sock drawer

Unlike in the past, nowadays there are plenty of socks for sale ranging in fabric, fibre blend, thickness, colours, patterns size and length.


blue cotton socks

It goes without saying that cotton is one of the oldest and most commonly used fabrics for socks and everything else. The reason why cotton is so popular in the fashion industry is because of its lightness and ability to wick moisture. Socks made of cotton can be washed as many times as you want, even using extremely high temperatures, and they’ll still be in perfect condition.

Organic Cotton

As the name implies organic cotton is a completely pure type of fabric which is obtained from non-genetically modified cotton plants. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers which makes it the gentlest fabric, perfect for babies and people with different skin conditions.

Mercerised Cotton

This type got its name after the mercerising process also known as a finishing process. When compared to regular or organic cotton, mercerised cotton has more shine in it and it’s softer, perfect for the production of dress socks.

Recycled Cotton

recycled cotton socks

Recycled cotton is made from the spun from the scraps. It can be also made of the discards after the cutting or the weaving process. Although recycled, socks made of this kind of cotton are known for their moisture-resistant properties and for their durability.


wool socks

Wool is another popular and commonly used type of material for socks production. Wool is mainly obtained from sheep or other animals like alpaca that have lots of quality wool. Although breathable and durable like cotton, wool socks are thicker and wrinkle resistant. Being thicker and great insulators, wool socks are considered the perfect choice for winter. Since wool can make your feet warm like no other fabric in the world, these socks are usually the first choice of campers and hikers when the weather is cold.


bamboo socks

When comparing the different materials of quality socks for sale you will notice that bamboo is used as much, or in some cases, even more than cotton. Just like cotton, bamboo is a natural fabric obtained from bamboo trees which are renewable. Socks made of this material are breathable, soft and quite comfortable which is why bamboo is considered the new, improved cotton. Bamboo socks have a sheen on the surface which makes their appearance similar to the socks made of cashmere and silk. Just like cotton, bamboo socks are hypoallergenic, durable and a great choice for anyone.


Nylon is another commonly used type of material mainly because of its durability. This fabric is mainly used for socks that undergo a lot of pulling and stretching which is why they are mainly mixed with other fabrics like cotton and bamboo.


When compared, polyester has almost the same properties as nylon. Socks made of this material are durable, breathable and absorb moisture. The main difference between these man-made fabrics is the price. Polyester is more affordable than nylon (polyester blends are also less expensive).


If you are looking for a more cost-effective version of wool socks, you should check out acrylic socks. Acrylic is considered a type of warm wool which is also great for wicking sweat away from the body. Acrylic socks are also known for retaining their elastic shape which is another reason for their common use.


Rayon is also commonly used (mainly as a blend) and it became popular for its sheen. Rayon is a natural cellulose filament material and socks made of it are comfortable, soft, and with high moisture absorption properties.


silk socks

If you want to invest in luxurious looking socks,go for silk. Silk socks are smooth, soft, comfortable and durable, and they can also keep the feet dry and cool thanks to the moisture absorbing properties.


cashmere socks

Last but not least, this is a fibre obtained from the Cashmere goat which is soft and silky. Just like wool, cashmere is also a natural type of fabric which is lightweight and mainly used for the production of luxurious clothing and accessories.