Nowadays there are many perfume brands available on the market. You can find and purchase online perfumes in Australia from reliable perfume suppliers for very affordable prices. The perfumes are the must-have accessory for every woman and man. And no wonder why. Perfume history can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians when the very first form of fragrance was incense. This fragrance had a very strong odor when burned. This is why the word perfume comes from ‘per fumum’, the Latin words meaning ‘through smoke’.


The key ingredients of every perfume are essential oils. These essential oils may come from petals, seeds, leaves bark and even roofs of some plants. Many plants such as rosemary, sandalwood, cinnamon, jasmine and roses are the sources of producing essential oils. Some secrete substances from animals are also used in the process of making perfumes. Civet from civet cat, castor from the beaver, musk from mush deer, etc. – these are just some frequently used substances for making perfumes. They are named fixatives. Their main purpose is to make the perfume more lasting by preventing the oils from evaporating too fast. Many online perfumes in Australia are made from such substances.

All ingredients used for making perfumes are quite expensive. That’s why some perfumes, even the online perfumes in Australia, come with high prices. To lower the costs of making perfumes, the chemists have managed to produce some essential materials in a laboratory conditions. These synthetic compounds can mimic the function of the natural materials. Today, most perfumes are made of combination of natural, synthetic chemicals, water and alcohol.

The classification of the perfumes depends on the percentage of pure essences as well as on the percentage of alcohol included. Generally, the perfumes are classified into: perfume, cologne, eau de perfum and eau de toilette. Perfumes generally contain about 20-30% oils dissolved in pure alcohol. Eau de perfume around 19%, eau de toilete 18% aclohol, while cologne 17% alcohol. Every perfume is composed of a top, middle and base note. The top note of the perfume is the odor that we perceive right away, the middle note is the heart of the perfume that defines its characters, while the most persistent is the base note.

Generally, one high quality perfume contains more than hundred ingredients. Among the most expensive online perfumes in Australia are those that come with a name of some famous fashion houses and designers. The making formula of these perfumes is a top kept secret in order to prevent cheap copies. Although expensive, they are worth the money.