Volvo Construction Equipment is a globally known manufacturer of high quality construction machines and equipment. In its wide product line, Volvo includes different machines, such as loaders, backhoe loaders, excavators, articulated haulers, motor graders, pavers, compactors and other machines and equipment. The Volvo loader is considered as one of the finest on the market. Volvo produces different loaders with similar configuration and features. From mini loaders to much larger wheeled loader models, these machines can be used for a variety of tasks and applications, such as loading/unloading, civil and building applications, waste and material handling, earth moving, landscaping, recycling block handling, quarrying, agriculture and etc. our focus in this text will be on the new Volvo loader- the L250H wheeled loader.


Equipped and designed with the innovative Volvo Tier 4 engine, the new L250H is described as technologically advanced, powerful and sturdy construction machine, capable to perform a variety of construction tasks. Designed for mining, quarrying and other heavy-duty applications, this Volvo loader sets new standards for clean, efficient and powerful operation. The main advantages and features of the new L250H Volvo loader are the following ones:

Low Fuel Consumption. This Volvo loader saves both time and money thanks to the innovative lockup torque converter and reverse by braking technology. With such advanced technologies, the L250H Volvo loader consumes up to 20% less fuel when compared with the other loader models on the market. Designed with fully automatic power shift and automatic power shift features, this Volvo loader maximizes the fuel efficiency without affecting the performance.

Powerful And Excellent Operations. Designed for delivering great results on the job site, the L250H Volvo loader can dig easily even in the most demanding and challenging situations thanks to its Z-bar linkage configuration. This configuration increases the productivity by making the loading/unloading applications faster and easy. Furthermore, the Doom suspension system eliminates the bouncing and minimizes the bucket spillage. All these features lead to more efficient results and greater operator comfort.

Safety And Comfort. With ergonomically designed cabin, this Volvo loader creates a spacious and comfortable working environment for the operators. This construction machine comes with one of the most advanced cabins available on the market today, offering high protection against noise and vibration. It also includes an electrical display which gives vital information to the operators. Other important safety features are LED lights and the fire suppression system.