Chainsaws are revolutionary tools with a wide range of applications. Whether you use it for professional purposes or a DIY project at home, like sculpting a giant T-Rex out of wood in your back yard, you need to make sure that your blade is sharp. A dull chainsaw is nothing like a regular dull saw. If a regular saw is dull, the worst thing that could happen is you not being to cut a piece of wood. A dull chain on a chainsaw, on the other hand, may cause it to snag while it’s in motion, which could be extremely dangerous.

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Tools

In order to keep your chain sharp at all times you need chainsaw chain sharpening tools to get the job done. Today we have three basic types of chainsaw chain sharpening tools and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so before you purchase one, here are some things you might want to consider.

We’ll start with the simplest one – the hand-held sharpener. There are many hand-held variations of chainsaw sharpeners and they are all a great option if you are the type of person who likes to use manual tools. Hand-held sharpeners are typically round file-like tools that you manually move across each separate tooth. Obviously these devices require more effort and a bit of skill a precision to use them properly, however, they are the most cost-effective option if you are on a budget. An even though they are the cheapest option, a lot of people rate them as the best sharpening tools on the market.

Next, we have the electric sharpeners which can only be used when plugged into an electrical socket. These are a fast and effective way to sharpen the chain of your chainsaw. The downside of this type of sharpening tools is that they are less travel friendly since they require electricity to be able to function. But if you are after speed and efficiency, and electrical sharpener is the way to go.

Probably the easiest to use and the most efficient chainsaw sharpeners are the bench mounted variation. They are designed to lock and secure your chainsaw in position so that you can easily sharpen the teeth. The filing angle is adjustable to your needs and you don’t need a steady and precise hand to use them since usually there is a guide bar designed to help you stay in line. All this make bench-mounted chainsaw sharpeners a superior and much more efficient tool.