Wine is good for you? How many times have you heard this? From TV commercial to medical journals and fitness magazines, it is no secret that red wine is considered a fountain of youth and vitality. All thanks to the great health benefits if offers. But what is it that makes this divine drink so popular? A glass of red wine contains high concentrations of flavonoids (polyphenolic molecules known for their anti-inflammatory properties) which is why it is the perfect cardiovascular-health booster. But, the ‘powers of red’ do not stop here. One of the latest, ground-breaking discoveries when it comes to the red wine world is that this is the miracle weight loss drink. It may seem strange and unbelievable (if we consider the fact that alcoholic beverages are not considered as diet-promoters), but it is true. A glass of red wine daily (if drank in moderation) can indeed help shed extra weight, thanks to its extremely powerful ingredient, called ‘resveratrol’. Glass-of-Red-Wine

What Is Resveratrol Actually?

It is an antioxidant, a type of natural phenol, that can be commonly found in grapes, cranberries, blueberries, mulberries, raspberries and of course, red wine. Medically explained, resveratrol is a natural phenol, naturally produced by the aforementioned types of fruits.

Resveratrol vs. Kilograms

Putting a healthy lifestyle on hold is a common issue today due to hectic lives we all lead, which prevents us to hit the gym regularly and maintain the fit line. Therefore, sitting long hours at work and not having time to pay attention to what we eat, is more than inviting for extra kilos to invade and reign with our bodies. And this is when the magical resveratrol calls to action. For example, a glass of red wine can help calories go into the muscles, instead of reaching the fat cells, which normally results in what is a big no-no for all us – extra weight! To speed up the effects of a glass of red wine in terms of calorie burning, it is highly recommended to bring some action in your life and find time to workout. Believe it or not, but with the ‘glass of red wine regime’ in a combination with regular exercise, you will reduce the body weight, increase the muscle endurance and boost the energy levels. Simply put, you will feel energetic and re-vitalized. Resveratrol can also be found in a pill-form, being considered the trailblazing weight-loss supplement that will get you back in shape sooner that you can imagine. Hence, results may be expected within a week. By far, many have taken advantage of the unique weight-loss powers of the resveratrol antioxidant. Why not join the club? Try it and prove it!