Most dog owners can’t imagine leaving their fur friends outside. There are situations, though, where outdoor living works well. For instance, despite being pack animals, some working dog breeds adapt well to outdoor living because it’s in their DNA.

Additionally, dogs may thrive when kept in an outdoor kennel for extended periods by families whose members are away from home for most of the day due to work, school, obligations, or day trips. If this description perfectly fits you and your fur pal, here’s how to choose the best outdoor kennel for your dog.

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kennel for Dog

There are many advantages to giving your dog a safe outdoor space. Before choosing not to use an outdoor kennel, think about these four benefits.

Outdoor Kennel for Dog

1. Access to Fresh Air and Bathroom

We know it hurts to leave the dog you adore alone all day. You might worry that your dog might wreak havoc on your home while you’re away out of boredom or separation anxiety, or taxing your dog’s bladder if you’re gone for longer than ten hours. A waterproof and sturdy kennel for dog offers safety, a covered area to avoid rain or direct sunlight on a hot day, and a gated outdoor space for fresh air and bathroom breaks.

2. Cosy Housing for Outdoor Dogs

If you have a working or hunting dog, he might be the happiest while spending most of the year outside. Breeds of dogs that prefer to live outside are typically larger and have thicker coats.

3. Temporary Solution to Beat Allergy Season

A confined indoor environment with free-floating pet dander is a recipe for misery and can affect one’s health. Moving your pet from home is the only surefire way to beat a pet allergy. We don’t advocate finding your dog a new home. Instead, you can give him a different place to live while you’re at home during the day or for a few weeks during allergy season.

4. Taking Care of House Visitors Who Don’t Like Dogs

Having an outdoor dog kennel can help with this issue whether you have house guests who don’t exactly have love for dogs or are allergic to them. Avoid paying for a commercial kennel when you can keep your dog nearby, secure, and in your backyard dog house.

What Is the Best Type of Kennel for a Dog?

Just as it’s with choosing other essential dog supplies, when choosing the ideal home for your dog there is no “one size fits all” solution. You’ll discover many options available during your search that might fit your dog’s needs. The best one for your pooch will depend significantly on your climate, outdoor space, where you want to put it, and even how your dog behaves.

kennel for a dog

Outdoor kennels come in different designs that employ various materials, including timber, plastic, and canvas. Here’s why dog owners find the canvas kennel a suitable outdoor house designed for Australian conditions – all year round.

Water- and Weatherproof

In hotter climates, particularly in the tropics, kennels made of canvas are the perfect shelter option. Additionally, they are breathable, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, expanding in the heat to provide more space inside and contracting in the cold to significantly increase the snugness of the kennel.

Most manufacturers use high-quality materials that can withstand outdoor elements. However, not all options are waterproof. Search for a hood made of a marine-grade cotton canvas that naturally expands and contracts to provide your dog with natural ventilation in warm weather and natural insulation in cool weather.

Different Sizes

Your dog’s size is one of the crucial considerations when selecting the right outdoor house for them (more on that later). Canvas dog houses come in different sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large, which makes them suitable for any dog breed. Opt for sturdy fibreglass mesh flooring that lifts your dog off the ground and flexes as they lie down (but doesn’t sag over time) and a tie-in, scratch-resistant canvas mat with a soft, thick foam core that offers excellent support.

kennel sizes

Simple Maintenance

The canvas is usually waterproof, stops fleas from laying eggs and is very easy to clean. All you need to clean it is to water it using a hose, brush it with a firm-bristle brush and let it air dry.

Lightweight and Portable

Most canvas options are quick to assemble and disassemble – you can erect one in several simple steps. They’re also lightweight and highly portable, making them a great choice if you and your dog need something portable and are frequently on the go.

Other Important Considerations

Your Dog’s Size

Size is crucial when deciding on the best kennel for your pup, so get the measuring tape to ensure you get it right. Given that this will serve as your dog’s haven of solace, defence, and retreat, it must provide ample room to curl up and move around without difficulty. We advise purchasing a kennel that, at the very least, enables your dog to turn comfortably 360 degrees.

big kennels

Your Dog’s Age

If you are responsible for an older dog, think about choosing a kennel for dog that can meet its specific needs. Many older dogs could eventually develop joint problems, so their indoor and outdoor housing needs to be supportive of their condition. Ensure the kennel is big enough to accommodate bedding, liners, or even orthopedic bedding for added support and comfort.

There are many different dog beds available but look for an option with a substantial base layer of padding, such as memory foam. For those dogs that may no longer have bladder control, think about getting them a washable waterproof cover. In the summer, a raised bed off the ground with airflow underneath is suitable for older fur pals that may find it harder to cool down in the heat.

The Amount of Time Spent Outdoors

Think about whether your Fido spends more time inside than outside because this can influence your decision. If it prefers the comforts of being indoors and has no interest in braving the elements, don’t splurge on a kennel; invest in an indoor playpen instead. But if it spends most of its time exploring the backyard and contently finds a place to rest inside an outdoor kennel, choose a more oversized, weather-resistant option.