Concrete trucks have changed and in some ways revolutionized the way concrete is prepared today. Unlike in the past when mixing concrete required human labour, today with concrete trucks, mixing concrete takes much less effort and time. Plus, you can transport the concrete mixture from one place to another fast and easy.

Concrete Trucks AU

Concrete trucks are most commonly used for mixing cement and aggregate (usually sand or gravel) to create concrete. What made the cement mixers so popular? Is it the enormous demand for ready-to-mix concrete or the ability to mix and transport at the same time. You could say both. Beside their functionality, concrete mixers are top choice of many businesses due to their portable and powerful concrete-making machine – the drum.

There are drums sold as separate units, but the good thing about concrete trucks is that you have two things in one – a drum to make concrete and a truck to transport the mixture to the job site or location you want. Thus, if you want to save time and money, search for concrete trucks for sale. It may be a costly investment, but definitely a worthy one. You can expect years of trouble-free work, increased productivity and profit as well.

How Does The Concrete Mixer Truck work?

Concrete truck mixers have a simple yet unique cement mixing technique. Concrete mixers have the power to keep the concrete in a liquid state with the help of a spiral blade that rotates the mixture inside the drum. That same blade pushes the mixture inside the drum, where the mixing process actually starts. The concrete mixture inside rolls along with the drum, creating a smooth, fine and ready-to-use concrete. The whole process is regulated with a hydraulic gear that controls the work of the drum. Once the mixture is ready for use, the blade starts to rotate in the opposite direction, extracting the concrete through a pump that is attached to the mixer truck.

What Is The Ideal Weight?

Before you start your search for concrete trucks for sale, determine the ideal weight of your concrete truck. That mostly depends on how much concrete you want your mixer truck to haul. If you need to haul 18,000 kilos of concrete on 9 meters, then look for a concrete mixer truck that weighs around 12,000 kg.

In addition, aside from weight and size, brand and model also matter. Given the fact that there are plenty concrete trucks for sale, choosing the best manufacturer will ensure long service life, less costly maintenance and better performance. Thus, choose the brand that guarantees quality.