When you’re transporting large and bulky items in a warehouse, there’s always the risk of injury or damage to the item itself. This is a particularly common challenge in high-traffic areas due to the risk of colliding with other workers or disturbing the workflow.

While warehouse traffic management has come a long way in recent years, choosing to invest in stable and resilient platform trolleys is one of the most important decisions any business can make. They’re just as convenient as other management solutions, but they offer far greater stability and strength when it comes to moving heavy and bulky items throughout the warehouse.

What Is a Platform Trolley?

trolley with platform for transport
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The name comes from its design: a four-wheeled cart with a platform on top. This platform can be used to store items, and you can easily move them around with the four wheels attached to the base. This design is inherently more stable than two-wheeled carts, making it much easier to move large and bulky items without fear of the trolley tipping over.

For instance, you could use a trolley to move a large stack of boxes or an entire pallet without worrying about it tipping over. It’s also great for transporting items up and down stairs due to the improved balance and better control over weight distribution.

What Types of Platform Trolleys Are There?

flatbed trolley
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While the general design of a platform trolley is fairly consistent, there are actually several subtle variations on the basic structure. These are largely based on the intended purpose and use case of the trolley, so you should think carefully about which type is best for your needs.


This one is the most basic type of trolley. As its name implies, this version features a flat platform on top with no additional bells and whistles. It’s an ideal solution for hauling items that can easily fit within the confines of the platform without fear of them slipping off or tipping over due to weight distribution.

For example, flatbed trolleys are great for transporting large boxes and other items with consistent shapes and weights. They’re also the least expensive type of platform trolleys on the market, which means they’re a great budget-friendly option for businesses that don’t need anything fancy.

Pedal Brake

Another popular version is the pedal brake trolley, which offers an additional safety feature. This type of trolley has a built-in foot pedal that allows you to quickly and easily apply brakes as needed. This helps when transporting items up or down stairs, as it prevents them from rolling away if you let go of the handle for any reason.

It doesn’t feel like much of a difference when you’re pushing the trolley around, but it’s a great safety feature that can help prevent any unfortunate accidents. Any time you’re transporting items that are particularly hazardous or valuable, it’s worth investing in a pedal brake trolley for additional peace of mind.


When you’re running low on storage space, folding trolleys can mitigate this issue thanks to their compact design. This type of trolley features a foldable frame that allows you to store them away when they’re not in use. This is great for businesses with limited storage space or ones that need their trolleys quickly on demand.

Storing them away also helps to minimise the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates on them, making them easier and more comfortable to use. Plus, it’s much faster to get a folding trolley out in an emergency situation than trying to dig through piles of other items or locate a regular trolley at the back of the warehouse.


For larger and heavier loads, you may want to consider an electric-powered trolley. This type has a built-in motorised drive system that allows you to quickly move it around with the press of a button, making it much easier to handle large and bulky items.

It’s also great for reducing the risk of injury from constantly pushing and pulling a trolley around. This type of trolley also offers excellent battery life, so you don’t have to worry about the motor running out in the middle of work. Plus, you don’t put much strain on your arms, which can be a bonus if you’re moving items around all day.

Stock Pickers

Finally, stock pickers consist of a number of shelved platforms with built-in wheels. When you need to select and move items quickly, these trolleys are perfect for the job. They can be configured to fit into any narrow aisleways or other spaces that regular trolleys can’t access easily.

This inherently makes separating items much easier, which is great for when you’re dealing with large amounts of stock and need to be able to spot different types quickly. Stock pickers are also much more stable than regular trolleys due to their wider base, which means they’re less likely to tip over even when filled with large items.