As strange, or scary, as it may sound, most of us have had weight problems. We live in the 21st century, most of us are basically couch potatoes, and predominantly have jobs that require sedentary work, we enjoy fast food, so how can we not have, right? But the quality, and longevity, of life we’re after requires the elimination of such problems as soon as they arise, and their prevention.

We hear it everywhere, being obese or overweight can kill you, but how much do we actually know keeping our weight in balance saves us from health issues? For starters, the larger the waistline the bigger the risk of serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, and high blood sugar, which can both lead to strokes and heart attacks, and the shorter your lifespan is going to be. Not to mention your lack of self-confidence and emotional struggles you’d be faced with.


Luckily, the link between infrared sauna and weight loss has been proven to be closer than we might think, so losing weight may not be so difficult, or frightening, as before with intense workouts as the only option. There are far more benefits to this option than it appears. Since it’s different from a traditional sauna, the design of this sauna makes it possible for you to place it wherever you want at home, the floor, or a flat surface, like a firm bed, so you can turn your own home into a relaxing and detoxifying spa sanctuary.

The reason the infrared sauna and weight loss connection is firmer than that of traditional sauna is because of the concept with three times greater effects; it’s not only sweating that gives the desired weight loss effect, it’s also the deep penetration of infrared rays responsible for eliminating the harmful toxic waste that gets stored in the body in pockets (something we all know as orange peel, or cellulite).

The infrared rays get to the deeper layers of the skin, raising the core body temperature, increasing the heart rate which enables the blood to flow freely, which makes it possible for stored fat to get activated, broken down, and easily shifted out through the sweat thanks to the lymphatic system. It has even better effects than exercise in this point, so this is something people who can’t exercise (having cardiovascular, respiratory problems, or osteoarthritis) would also be happy to know and implement in their lifestyles.

When it comes to the sweat produced after an infrared sauna session, its contents have a far bigger amount of toxins, chemical pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals (from 15-20%) than the sweat of traditional sauna. You wouldn’t just be shrinking your waistline, you’d also be ridding your body of harmful toxins, improving skin’s elasticity and getting a skin glow, improving your immune system, and finally getting to bye to stress and anxiety. Now then, are you ready for your rejuvenating infrared sauna session?