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The portable air compressor is one of the most effective, cost efficient and versatile machines which is used for many applications where highly pressurized air is required. They can be used for various construction tasks, maintenance tasks, automotive repairs, etc. A portable air compressor will provide you the flexibility to accomplish your projects regardless of your location.

The portable air compressors are available in wide range of sizes and shapes. The smaller models are light and can be easily carried, while the larger models are featured with wheels in order to be moved from one job site to another. Which size and shape will better fit your needs, will depend on your applications. For example, for inflating tires or for using nail guns, a lightweight, oil-free portable air compressor will do the job. However, if your applications are more demanding, like powering a frame nail gun, then a more powerful portable air compressor is recommended. A wheelbarrow model with 15-20 liters tank will be capable to provide the required air flow for your project.

Cordless portable air compressors are also available on the market. These devices provide even more versatility. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be recharged by a cord, or they need to be taken out in order to be recharged. Furthermore, some models are capable to run by using DC power generated from a vehicle. This option makes them extremely convenient, because they can be used on remote places with no power outlets. Just keep in mind that your car or other vehicle is needed in order the generator to run smoothly.

Although the portable air compressors offer flexibility and versatility, they cannot deliver the same performance like the stationary air compressors. For example, the large air compressors are capable to accomplish tasks faster and easier, while the portable air compressors may take longer. However, the portable air compressor offers other benefits like low operating costs and less maintenance.

The price of the portable air compressor can vary depending on the size and the power capacity. Other features such as flashlight and flashing emergency lights which warn others to keep away, can also increase the price. Your final choice should not be based only on the price, pay attention on other important things, like components, design, and service support.