Whether you have an estate, a smaller backyard or just a very large balcony, decorating it with trees is definitely out of the ordinary. Most people rely to flowers and small bushes mainly because they think trees ask for a lot of maintenance, are expensive and end up being just a bunch of empty tree branches when their season passes. Lack of knowledge alert! I know trees aren’t exactly your first choice when someone mentions ‘outdoor decorating’ , but if you do a little research, you’ll see that there’s an entire group of trees that serve a decorating purpose.

Evergreen Trees Melbourne

Ever heard of evergreen trees? These are trees that keep their leaves green during winter. Mainly, they don’t grow very tall, except for a few species that actually do grow a lot. And most importantly, evergreen trees are stately and beautiful, offering the landscape a winter interest. Besides beautifying your space, when evergreen trees are staggered in groups perfectly rounding your outdoor area, they act as a natural green fence providing you with privacy. And we all want privacy right? So, when you hit an evergreen trees Melbourne store, make sure you pick some of the following evergreens which are best for creating a natural fence.


Juniper trees are known for their fantastic icy blue colour. They have an upright form and are very easy to care for. Since they don’t grow very much in width, you can easily pack more of them in a small group and plant them close together, which will offer you perfect privacy. Normally you will have to make sure that the shape of the crown is maintained regularly so it doesn’t get out of control eventually.

Austrian Pine

When young, this type of pine is probably the most attractive tree in the palette. It grows pretty much and pretty fast over the years, which doesn’t have to mean trouble and disturbing your space if controlled well. Having it in your space along with candle decorations around it will result in a wonderful winter idyll.


These are the trees to turn to if you’re really serious about privacy. Since they are so densely filled with leaves, it’s impossible to see through them when planted in groups. Arborvitae trees grow pretty tall, and just like the Austrian Pine, very fast.

Black Hill Spruce

I’d recommend you use these if you have a large estate, since the Black Hill spruce is known for providing an excellent cover for wildlife. They don’t drop needles and branches like a lot of other pine trees do, so they won’t make any mess in your area. Also, when planted in groups, these trees create one of the most beautiful sights ever.

These are just a few of the most popular evergreen trees that you can buy from a evergreen trees Melbourne store to beautify your outdoor area. Take into consideration more factors when you choose the trees, such as your seating set, whether you have a pool or not as well as how you generally spend your time outdoors, so the trees add up to creating the perfect outdoor harmony.