Ever since fire was discovered by prehistoric humans we have heavily relied on it for warmth, preparation of food, light, and so on. Quite a big deal, humans heavily relied on it for centuries and fireplaces could be seen in every home, no matter how rich or poor.

However, as the years passed and technology got more and more advanced, fire was pushed in the back and more modern, electricity-driven solutions took their place. It’s more common now for people to have an airconditioning unit in their home instead of a fireplace with many fireplaces getting bricked in or completely removed from homes in order to make space for the contemporary.

Still, even though this is the case, many of us still believe in and love our fireplaces. Exactly because they have been pushed in the back, fireplaces are now a luxury item, something we all get excited to see within a home. As vintage is on the rise and all things that come with it are seen as super-desirable the time for fireplaces has finally come back in full!

If you’re thinking of happing on this train and adding a fireplace in your home, you’re going to need to think about a couple of things.

What Makes a Fireplace?

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to pay attention to is the material the fireplace itself is made out of. You can go for more traditional options like brick or marble, but also choose something more modern like granite and even glass. These new additions to fireplace-making materials are due to the different home decor styles that have been introduced in the past decades, allowing anyone with a passion for this luxe item to be able to fit one in their house.

Next up, you’re going to want to think of fireplace tiles. A functional fire hearth means a safe one, and finding a good set of fire surround tiles for sale will make all the difference in the world. Fire surround tiles have a practical as well as a decorative purpose, so paying attention to them will really take you a long way.

Finally, you’ll have to worry about accessories like tongs, brooms, shovels, and the like, making sure they match the fireplace, tiles, and your overall home decor decisions, but that’s a topic for another day. Today I’d like to focus solely on fireside tiles and how to make sure you’re choosing right.

Step One: Choose the Material

Just like the fireplace build, fireside tiles also come in a variety of materials.

These materials are specifically chosen to offer you both safety and great looks. The three main materials fire surround tiles come in are ceramic, granite, and marble. Each one has its own perks, so let’s take a closer look.



Most common, a ceramic fireplace tile will offer you a smooth, sleek look around your fireplace and allow for the light of the fire to dance around, creating unique patterns in each and every tile you have in place. Ceramic is quite a popular material because it is very sturdy, something we can see in the bathroom, for example, and it doesn’t give in to heat.

This option is perfect for modern homes.


Rougher than its ceramic cousin, granite offers much higher sturdiness as well as a higher level of fire resistance.

Granite tiles will give your fireside a more industrial, dark look. They are pretty matte, so this is another thing to keep in mind. Perfect for the modern, but also homes nourishing the vintage or rustic home decor styles, granite will be right at home and will make sure your living room is safe while keeping your fireside looking snatched.


The most traditional option, marble can be a bit pricier, but it’s absolutely worth it for elegantly styled homes that are all about a luxurious look and feel. Smooth and sleek, marble always features an interesting pattern and provides high safety. A two-in-one sort of deal, marble has been a number one choice for fireplace tiling for a long time now, so if you like that traditional vibe combined with top-notch safety, it’s definitely your way to go.

Step Two: Choose the Colour

No matter which material you choose, you’ll see that they all come in a variety of colours and styles, so the next step would obviously be to make your selection.

Depending on how you’ve styled your home (or are planning on styling it) and which colours dominate the space the fireplace tiles can either follow the pattern or break it in an unobtrusive and subtle way. For example, if you have a minimalistic home and everything around is all about few details and clean lines, a glass fireplace with smooth, black or white tiles will fall right in place with everything. However, if you want to switch things up, you can keep the monochrome scheme, but go for a nice burgundy instead of black or switch the white for a nicely patterned marble or go with something like Victorian green for a more bold look.

For the vintage and rustic homes, however, there are more options. You can go with the flow or break the pattern once again, but instead of simple, monochrome options, you can really express yourself and choose patterned tiling made of either granite or ceramics, depending on how soft your home’s vibe is. Patterned tiles come in a wide range of colour combinations, so it’s really up to you and your interior design taste buds!

Step Three: Styling

A fireplace is a centrepiece all by itself, so adding a bit of pizzazz to it can really pay off.

You can go ahead and mix your main colour with a single patterned tile if you have a minimalist, modern home, or make an interesting colour and design pattern with various options for every other home. One rule to always follow, however, is to not mix materials too much as they do have different abilities. This will allow you to avoid having to change certain tiles more often than others as well as help you maintain a nice, put-together overall look.